Tuesday, May 13, 2014

New Page - Things To Do - Outside of Hernando County.

Over the last week, I've been working hard to gather information on places to visit and events that occur "Outside Hernando County".  You'll notice that a link is now available entitled "Outside Hernando County" in the left side navigation bar. 

When you click this link you'll find the places categorized by city and placed in alphabetical order.
In each listing I have attempted to include an official website for the location which in most cases will list the fees, hours and physical address.

I would love to list all that information for you directly on this site. However "change is the one thing that never changes" and attempting such a grand endeavor could lead to spreading inaccurate information.

I am still working on a page for "Inside Hernando County". There is a link available on the left navigation bar however it is far from complete. Actually, I've only just begun.

Blog posts will continue to focus on places and events I've experienced first-hand and have taken pictures of.  However ALL  Places, Events, Attractions  that occur or are located in Florida can be added to these lists so feel free to submit places that you like to visit using the email link on the left navigation bar.  I will update these pages weekly.

 Thanks For Visiting


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