Sunday, November 4, 2012

Heather Sierra Barnes

There were no updates to the blog on October 30th  or Nov 1st due to my niece Heather Sierra Barnes accident. I'm hoping to feature another Celtic Creature this Thursday Nov 9th. 

During my absence I'd like to share some of the information about the accident with you and I hope that you will consider signing the petition asking Clay County Florida's Department of Transportation to make the roads outside Orange Park High School(OPHS)a School Zone. This designation will lower the speed limits from 45 to 15 MPH when students are present (during drop off and dismissal times)


If you read or watched any of the reports given by the media you now know that Heather was Jay-walking 8 to 10 feet from the cross walk when she was hit. Through-traffic was stopped as she entered the street. Heather was hit by someone who was using the turn lane and who said he was unable to see her until it was to late. The driver of the car who hit Heather was not cited because Heather was not in a cross walk. Those are the facts that were presented to the family.
Comments were made on those news sites by viewers who stated that Heather is in high school and should have known to use the cross walk. To those people I say, Heather is a freshman at OPHS, she is only 14, and she made a mistake that nearly cost her life and has cost her - god only knows what at this point. So I ask you does it matter now? 

The focus of the family is on Heathers recovery and trying to ensure that no other student suffers this kind of an traumatic injury. Clay County Department of Transportation has made the designation of "School Zone" for all other local schools but not at OPHS. The OPHS administration has asked for the designation but Clay County DOT said NO!
That's just not acceptable.
OPHS isn't asking for anything more then what the DOT has already done for every other local school!

Wont you sign the petition and force them to take action?


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