Wednesday, February 29, 2012

DWP - Prompt : Breakfast (2 Haiku)

A student’s breakfast,
May not be what you'd expect.
Beer and cold pizza.


Crispy, crunchy, bliss
It surely must be a sin.
Bacon for the win!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

DWP - Prompt : Shutdown

In the muddy waters of the marsh sat the decaying old boat,
While Captain Kharon stood ashore accessing its ability to float.
Rolling two coins in his rough and rugged now oar-less hands,
He searched his resourceful mind for any possible alternate plans.
But the wicked sinners knew the ferryman had little choice,
Smiling they played on the waterfront and sought to rejoice.
The River Styx is shut down, the old seaman said at last,
If I were you schmucks I’d get the hell out of here fast.

Monday, February 27, 2012

DWP - Prompt : The Seige ( Short Story)

The prompt kind of got a away from me and turned into a bit of a short story instead. When it comes that easy, it's best to roll with it.

Damon T. Werst was more than just your typical bully. Sure, he took lunch money and made kids drop their books but he had a way of manipulating every situation so that no one of authority ever saw his intentional “accidents” for what they really were; a constant onslaught of humiliation and undeniable extortion.

Connor Liberty, an undersized fifth grader at Injustice Elementary School had the unfortunate honor of being one of Damon’s favorite targets. Connor tried to avoid all situations that may put him in jeopardy, even going so far as being late to class and gaining a week’s worth of detention for his efforts. But it never took Damon long to catch on, so Conner was often ambushed and today was no exception.

Just as Connor had past the first grade hall Damon rounded the corner and grabbed hold of him.

“Afternoon Connor.” Damon smiled a toothy grin. “Hand over the cash.”

“I d … d ... don’t have any” came Conner’s shaky reply.

“What do you mean, you don’t have any?”

“Mom packed my lunch today, Haggis and Blood Pudding, a special treat.” He squeaked while holding up the bag.

Damon sniffed. “Ew, what’s wrong with you Celts, that’s disgusting. Now pay up! Or I’ll pound it out of ya.”

Connor couldn’t speak, his hand dove into his pockets one after the other but each time they came up empty.

Enraged Damon shoved Connor hard in the chest causing him to stumble backward and fall. “See ya at three O’ Clock midget”.

News of the upcoming fight traveled fast. Before long kids started approaching Connor wishing him luck and sometimes asking questions; like what he’d want printed in his obituary or if they could have his shiny red bike. The time ticked by much quicker than Conner had realized, while he sat frozen in fear staring out the classroom window, wondering what would happen next; the hands of the clock continued to mark every minute of the last class of the day.

Finally the bell rang and the students poured out of the large double doors of the school’s main entrance. Some went home but most stayed for the fight. Connor was apprehensive and waited until the halls were empty before looking out the large windows and spying Damon standing in the snow waiting for him at the end of the long cedar lined walk that marked the entrance to their school.

Conner walked out knowing that he could not wait inside forever. A fight was inevitable and he was going to lose. As soon as the boys were face to face Damon gave him a shove, then another and a punch to the stomach. Conner crumpled and fell.

As Damon began his advance, a great cry was heard over all the jeering and cheering of the bystanders. From behind the cedars emerged Pimpleface Sally, Joey Boogers, Bookworm Fay, Wedgie Steve, Gus the Nerd, Stick Figure Suzie, Odd Olive, Warty Todd, Clumsy Casey, Wimpy Wesley, Dippy Derek, Crazy Craig, Jumbo Jim, Fatty Patty, Snot Nose Ned, Loser Logan and a large number of Damon’s other victims. Damon stood staring, not fully comprehending the vision of what he was seeing.

That’s when it started; taking aim as best they could the horde of outcasts began throwing snowball after rock filled snowball at the burly brute. Damon’s heavy winter coat cushioned most of the impact but the better placed hits smarted something fierce. It wasn’t long before welts of various colors began to appear on Damon’s face. He began to cry, and then made a break for it, running home as fast as he could.

The outcasts cheered, while Joey Boogers attempted something that may have resembled “The Jerk”. The bystanders that weren’t doubled over in hysterics at the sight of Joey cheered and clapped. Everyone was happy; they had little to fear from Damon now. They had been weak alone but together they were strong and they had made today a day that Damon was certain not to forget.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

DWP - Prompt : The Feud ( Poem )

Randolph Mc Coy was a good Southern boy,
But he went and he lost his old sow.
Finder’s keepers cried Floyd jumping for joy,
So their two families ended up in a row.

DWP - Prompt : Innocence (Prose)

Sabrina woke and looked around. Seeing no one she got out of bed and ran from her room, naked except for a faux denim diaper. As she entered the living room she saw her best friend Chance and a big smile lit up her face. She ran to him and hugged him tightly around the neck. “Luv you” she said patting him on the back.

Sabrina turned on the television and lay on the floor. Chance lay next to her. “Ere.” she said handing him her pacifier. Chance happily took it, and was quite content chewing on the soft silicone nub. “Cookie” she said getting up and running to the cupboard. She took out two cookies and ran back over to Chance. She kept one for herself but gave Chance the other and he quickly gobbled it down.

Hearing the ruckus Mom emerged from the bedroom. “And just what are you two doing?” she said.

Sabrina turned and pointed to the TV “Mick Mous. Mini and Puto. Chance like Puto, Mommy. Puto go Arf, Arf”!

Mom smiled “I see. Well, someone’s gotten into the cookies.”

Sabrina interrupted “Chance do it.”

Chance barked.

Mom made a face, “Sabrina!”

“Sowwy mommy.” she whimpered.

Friday, February 24, 2012

DWP - Prompt : After The Disaster

The missile whistled as it sailed through the air,
Some men screamed, while others knelt in prayer.
The impact dealt a most unexpected blow,
And killed both loving friend and hated foe.
Now in unnatural dark the ash falls,
On the empty streets with broken walls.
Those that remain are shot on sight,
Causing some to hide, while others take flight.
Distant buildings are set alight by flame,
Governments wait and wonder who’s to blame.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

DWP - Prompt : The Bet

“Selena, were going to play the cookie game. Here are the cards; it’s your turn to deal”.

“Okay Sabrina. Let’s see, that’s one card for you and one card for me. Then I flip one card over for you and flip one card over for me. Is that right Dad?”

“Yes Selena, that’s right. Now look at your cards. Remember you want to be as close to 21 as you can without going over. Picture cards are worth 10 and an ace can be used as 1 or 11. Ready?”

“Yes.” Both girls say simultaneously.

“Alright. Place your bets!”

“I bet one sugar cookie.” Sabrina says.

“Hum, okay Sabrina I’ll see your sugar cookie and raise you a chocolate chip.”

“Okay I’ll see your chocolate ……”

The front door opens. “It’s just me, I forgot my coupons.” Mom shouts from the foyer.

“Game over.” Dad whispers “Hurry up and eat the evidence.”

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

DWP - Prompt : Creatures in the Night (Two Haiku's)

A master of flight
Poised on a branch high above
Searches for a meal

A mouse scampers past
Rustling the dry leaves, heads turn
A Death Owls banquet

DWP - Prompt : The Dare

Eating worms is one thing but this is down right ridicules. I knew I should have continued picking truth.

Why did I ever let Lisa get to me? I didn't even want to play this stupid game. But I chose dare just to shut her up, and now here I am locked in a closet with a Bill Gates mini me. -sigh-

What am I standing on? It feels kinda squishy. Gosh, it's really dark in here. I can't see a thing. Where is that little creeper anyway?

Ew, I hope that was one of the coats that just brushed up against my leg. This is so awkward, he's not even talking; I wish he'd say something; at least talking would make the minutes go by faster.

"Hey Michelle, can I......."


Seriously? good grief, someone unlock the door and get me the hell out of here!

Monday, February 20, 2012

DWP - Prompt : The Race

“Are you ready Sam?” Little Joey whispered. “You ate a good breakfast and got lots of sleep. I know you’re going to win, because that’s what mom tells me to do whenever I have a big day.”

Sam didn’t make a sound. He looked at Little Joey for just a moment before taking another bite of his biscuit. Crowds made him nervous. He loved running but never cared much for all the screaming and shouting that occurred at these types of events.

A racers career was limited to just a few short years and Sam was the home town favorite. All these people were here to see him bring home the gold for the third year in a row. The course was set. Racers were at the ready. The fans were getting restless.

The starting gun sounded and the racers were off. Sam blew through the obstacles, he never faltered. Little Joey hopped up and down, excitedly cheering on his best friend. Once again Sam was the first to cross the finish line; Little Joey was ecstatic.

The announcer spoke over the loud speaker “And the Winner of the Junior Competition, for the third year in a row is Sam, a little rat from Hoboken New Jersey.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

DWP - Prompt : Pride ( A Four Line Poem)

When they saw her in the white gown of a bride,
Her Daddy flushed, while her Momma cried,
They shared a memorable moment, full of pride,
Then walked down the isle side by side.

DWP - Prompt : Cyborg

The Birth Of A Cyborg

Tick, tick, tick. Beep, beep, beep. The sounds of the monitors resonated in my head.

I attempted to shift positions and found my limbs heavy with the weight of sleep. I woke slowly, coming into consciousness as minutes passed.

A sudden onset of pain racked my body as brightly colored spots popped throughout my already blurred vision.

My leg throbbed mixed with astounding blasts of shooting pain. I felt sick. My leg, my head, the pain mixed together and sent me into a downward spiral.

I was losing focus, the room was fading away and I fell once again into darkness.

Friday, February 17, 2012

DWP - Prompt : Gym Class

I chose to create two Haiku's today. I could have done any type of writing today's prompt was not specific. But I don't have anything pleasant to say about my high school gym class. Those who went to school with me can understand why my comments may not be suitable for a general audience. I mean it's not everyday that a member of the Varsity soccer team fails gym. But the administration didn't even question it. Why? Because they already KNEW the reason.

It's shirts, skins, shirts, skins,
That's how the picking begins,
First team to ten wins.

Some folks may recall,
The horrid sport of dodgeball,
A frail girls downfall,

Thursday, February 16, 2012

DWP - Prompt : First Line Prompt

It's a strange thing, seeing my face on a poster beneath the words WANTED: Dead or Alive. Ya see I wanted out and they weren’t going to just let me go. So on that last job, I had an unfortunate accident, some would call it an untimely demise or so they thought. I’ve been working a ranch I purchased here on the outskirts Dunkirk since my “retirement.”

But eventually Mc Gregor put the pieces together; when he worked it all out he knew I wasn’t dead. Since he couldn’t find me on his own it looks as if he’s finally resorted to using the town’s crazies to smoke me out. People round here will do anything for money, now that the mine’s collapsed work’s hard to come by.

I don’t get a lot of visitors out at the ranch, somehow (snicker) they seemed to get the idea I like my privacy. Even still, enough people have seen me; it’s going to be a problem. Not for the three of us, we’re gonna be fine, (knowing smile) ya see there’s a reason why I was the best in the business, why I could seem to be everywhere and never turned down a job. That face you’re looking at on that there wanted poster, well…. it ain’t just mine. (laughter)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

DWP - Prompt : Heaven (Two Haiku)

Heaven, on Earth

Sun warming my face
Wet sand under shoeless feet
Waves roll up on shore

Colored shells abound
Shiny sun kissed bodies, Scents
hints of coconut

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

DWP - Prompt : Pharmacy

Murphy stumbled, fell and landed face down on the pavement. He just lay there for a few moments, while passers by stepped over him or changed course to avoid him completely.  Which ever action they took it was obvious no one saw the man in dirty rags lying at their feet as a person worth their time or effort.  Eventually Murphy rolled over on his back to look up at the sky before getting up and starting down the street again.

A half an hour later he arrived at the familiar oak door and knocked loudly.  Soon he heard the clamor of heeled shoes coming toward him as they walked down the long tiled hall within.  The door creaked open and the head of Father Ryan appeared.   

“Ah, Murphy.” Father Ryan said as he looked Murphy over and opened the door further.
“Come inside, I’ll get you some food and we can talk.” Murphy nodded and entered the building.
“Have you decided?” Father Ryan asked quizzically as they walked to his office.  Murphy nodded again, and then his head hung low between his shoulders.

“Alright it’s settled then.  Sister Alice already has a bed ready for you.  I’ll start the paperwork. Once you sign and agree that you’re committed to the program, you can attend the Drug Assisted Detox workshop and start the process as early as tomorrow morning.  Doctor Phillips runs a clinic out of one of the offices here at the mission. Last door on the right hand side is where you’ll find him. Take this paper and bring it to him.  He will be responsible for adjusting your dosage and administering your medication. Be at the pharmacy every morning at 8:00am. If you miss two sessions, he will drop you from the program. Do you understand?”

Murphy looked into the eyes of Father Ryan and with great sincerity replied “Yes Sir”. At least that’s what Father Ryan thought he heard; it was impossible to be sure the way the syllables had slurred together. But he took it as a good sign, smiled and slapped Murphy on the back by way of encouragement.  “Good Luck Son.”

Monday, February 13, 2012

R is for Rogue - Letter R Word Challenge

This is not as EASY as it looks.

Robbing Robin rode rotund Ruth

Rapidly, ransacking, ramshackle rooms

Ravaging, raiding, reaping riches

Run ragged rabble, Run!

Ruthless Robin returned rundown.

DWP - Prompt : Video

A bored OmegaPatten sits and stares at a blank computer screen. He sighs; role playing games hold no interest for him today. Raids and battles are impossible without help and the members of his guild left for Comicon hours ago. Of course there is always homework but who wants to waste a Saturday afternoon completing something so tedious.

A quick check of Facebook; no notifications. Apparently everyone had something better to do; something much more interesting then this. He pulled a face in his webcam and snapped the shot. One after another a string of goofy faces fill the screen. He loads up Spotify, picks a song and then surfs the web for just a few minutes before finally settling on YouTube.

That’s when the idea hits. A carefully selected song, something well known with a few instrumentals would get the attention of the masses. He removed his ball cap, shook out his now wild hair and returned it to his head before switching his webcam from photo to video. The recording started, seconds later music and vocals belonging to the British rock band Queen filled the air.

OmegaPatten knew the song by heart and lip synced every word with ease. Emotion filled expressions filled his face time and time again as he acted out his staring role for his future fans. He jokingly performed virtual guitar solos with his teeth and howled the ooohhs and ahhhhhs with wolfish exaggeration. When the song finally ended, he quietly pressed stop on the recorder and saved his performance entitling it Bohemian Rhapsody on Acid.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

DWP - Prompt : Sinking (A Four Lined Poem)

Liz walked onto the shifting sand
The depths of which were vast.
It belched some air to fill the void
And now she’s sinking fast.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

DWP - Prompt : Yacht Club

“Ahoy there.” Travis said as he slowly pulled his pontoon boat along side five similar boats already moored together.

“Howdy” Brad shouted, straining to be heard over Craig Morgan’s latest hit. “Throw out your lines, I’ll rein you in and get ya tied up.”

With the boats finally joined together Travis crossed the deck and shook Brad’s hand, “Much obliged.” He said in a thick southern drawl.

To this Brad tipped his hat and with a huge smile on his face replied “Welcome to the Red Neck Yacht Club, there’s a row of kegs on John boy’s boat and Kevin’s got karaoke in the back. Come on let’s go get ourselves a beer.”

Friday, February 10, 2012

DWP - Prompt : Survival Instincts

Survival Instinct : Maturity

They say I have a disability
Because I have problems with mobility
But I think they just have an inability
To see me as more than a liability

Yes, the disease is process is atrocious
Its attacks on my body are ferocious
And if you find me some what precocious
It’s because I’m living with Avascular Necrosis

Thursday, February 9, 2012

DWP - Prompt : Neon Lights

When I was just kid my Momma and Daddy took our family on trip. My sister and I didn’t know where we was going, Momma just packed our things up in the car and Daddy drove off. They never used a map, stopped when we wanted, when we got hungry or when someone needed to pee but other than that we just drove on.

Two days later we made it to New Brunswick, stopped off to see some family for a bit; then got back in the car. Guess when you don’t know where your going the pull to go back home is strong. I saw New York City for the first time that night. The city called to me with its bright lights and flashy neons. Saw a taxi for the first time too and I’ll be danged if they don’t look just like they do on TV.

I could picture myself here walking the streets dressed in an executive’s jacket and carrying a sleek little briefcase. Maybe doing some modeling work, maybe acting too, isn’t that what most people did here? I told Momma I was gonna move there some day, leave our farm out in the woods and venture out to see what the world had to offer. She didn’t say much, just smiled at me that way she does when she knows more then what she’s telling.

Learned what Jay-Walking was later that night. It’s an experience you won’t forget having some mean ole policeman on a horse yell at you just for trying to cross the street. Did you know you can’t pet a policemen’s horse in New York? They get more than a bit mad bout that, dunno why though. We had horses back on our farm in Florida; they don’t mind it when you pet um. They like to be scratched too their kinda like giant dogs, but they run faster.

DWP - Prompt : Hot Shot (Two Haiku)

They lurk in the night,
Flip the light, then spray, spray, spray
Bye bye little bugs!


A brilliant student,
Yet the boy lacks common sense,
An alleged Hot Shot?

These two little monsters didn't make it up ontime. I write early in the morning and then again late at night because of the days tasks so sometimes You'll get two days worth of prompts at once.. =(

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

DWP - Prompt : The Score (Basil Woodall)

Basil Woodall sat at the overly large desk in the quiet of her isolated and dimly lit cabin. A large nearly blank page was set out in front of her. She stared at it, all the while holding her pencil between her fingers and anxiously tapping the eraser end on the desktop.

This score would be her biggest yet, but it would take careful planning and hours of practice. A plan of this magnitude would have many key players and each must have their timing perfected down to the very second if they were to pull it off.

The payoff would be huge, well worth the risk if they were successful. They would be, she would see to it, her plans always worked, that’s why they called her the mastermind.

An idea crossed her mind. She smiled to her self and began to write the final page, a stave for the euphonium.

Monday, February 6, 2012

DWP - Prompt : The Underground (Scenes From The Blackout)

** Part Five **

A deep rumble grew in Darien’s chest. His face was contorted by fury and fire burned in his ever vigilant eyes. Curling lips displayed two rows of enormous yellow teeth only seconds before he turned on Oliana.

“Insolent Human! You will pay dearly for your arrogance.” Darien howled.

Oliana shrieked, “I am a Mage, a Mage! You over grown, mangy, green, flea-bag!

Kaelan saw her right hand dive into her cloak and begin its desperate search for the wand she kept hidden within. He growled angrily allowing bulbous drops of saliva to fall from his lips, shaming the now drenched Lord Darslan even further.

Momentarily forgetting Seth Kaelan attempted to move; intent on assisting his brother in his upcoming battle. But Seth allowed the delight of his new found freedom to cloud his judgment; his flurry of movements attracted Kaelan’s attention. A huge paw shot out and smacked the fleeing Seth into the nearby stone wall, where he crumpled and unceremoniously fell in a heap on the floor.

Lysandra came to his aid, he was alive. Quick painful breaths escaped Seth’s mouth and nose and a steady stream of blood leaked from where his head made contact with the wall. The air was knocked out of him certainly, but he would live, the damage was not as bad as she’d expected.

Hearing the commotion from the courtyard, Zamira sent out a tendril of empathic power. The Great Hall was in chaos, a mixture of despair, fear, anger and immense hatred. With out taking down the walls and possibly crushing them all to death there was little she could do. She opted for the one thing she thought might help.

Zamira entered their minds and roared. Those in the Great Hall covered their ears to no avail and fell to their knees willing the sound to cease. She scolded them for their prejudices, but she soon fell silent.
When they rose to their feet the courtiers noticed the transparent form of Orion La Geor floating in the center of the room.

“The Eternal Life Belt has been dismantled and the Elemental Stones it once contained have been stolen. Without the stones, the abbey is helpless. We can not control the forces of this world. Soon the elements will turn their wrath upon the lands and once all life is decimated, our tiny planet will simply blink out and cease to exist.” Orion continued in his emotionless monotone voice.

“The Elemental Stones are strongest in their place of origin. The first, The Earth Stone is believed to be hidden in the underground caverns of the Traligill Caves. You must save our world. You have been summoned here to complete that task. You must put aside your differences. Each of you has a unique ability, not possessed by the others. You will require them all if you wish to be successful. Throughout your journey to restore the Elemental Stones others will seek to join your cause, be mindful of your decisions.”

Orion turned to face Lysandra. “The Cu Sith know the way to the Traligill Caves. They will act as your guide. You must ask Zamira to carry them to the cave entrance. Then once inside use their ability to see in the dark to your advantage. Allow them to freely navigate the tunnels of the underground but stay together or all is lost.” With his instructions given the ghostly form of the High Priest vanished before their eyes.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

DWP - Prompt : Vulture

Vulture, not to be confused with Voltaire =P


Dappled filthy brown, a bulky winged beast

Exposed red head and sharp hooked beak

Hops down the road in search of a feast

Dinner lays dying, it’s outlook bleak

Disgusting I know, but realistic none the less =)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

DWP - Prompt : The Jogger

Tessa set off at a leisurely pace and jogged her way through the wood.  She followed her favorite trail. It’s length heavily shaded by Banyan trees. 

The sun peeked through the branches illuminating her way.  Birds nesting high in the trees called out as she passed by and she watched as multicolored butterflies danced about; flitting from plant to plant.

The buzz of a cicada started, then stopped, then started again.  That’s when she heard it, that familiar sound.  She broke into a canter and headed for home.

Galloping in only moments after her arrival, Trouble joined her at the trough. It was feeding time at Legacy Stables.

WTH Am I Doing?

I've made it a month. I have written every day and participated in a variety of different prompted writing exercises. I've even attempted poetry! I know I am developing the writing habit but I'm not sure I've actually gotten any better at writing.

Sometimes I feel like I'm wasting my time because hardly anyone reads what I have put so much effort into writing. It's not that I mind that I don't have a large following because I want to be famous. Sure it would be nice to be famous but that's never been the reason why I started writing.

I mind because if I don't have anyone reading my work, how can I be sure that I am conveying my ideas in a way that the reader really understands? Who will critique my writing? How will I learn about form, grammar/punctuation and style.

Obviously I when I consider a work to be finished I don't see the flaws. I need other people to point them out to me. At least at first, then maybe after a time I'll begin to recognize the pit falls myself and avoid them.

Although these exercises are helping, I am not getting the feedback I need to insure I become a better writer. Because of this I am going to have to see what I can do about enrolling in some formal training, maybe I'll be able to find a local creative writing class. But I think that my best chance still rests with The Institute of Children's Literature. I have read many good reviews about the school on a variety of online forums and the book I just got about writing for children mentions them frequently.

Good Night Internet World

Friday, February 3, 2012

DWP - Prompt : List

The Prompt : Select any three objects from the list below and include them in your writing today:

- air compressor
- black coffee
- white stuffed cat with a missing nose
- Koala shaped earmuffs
- blue bird stress ball
- metal lily pad dish with dancing frog on its edge

Here's My Response:

Daniel sat at his desk, printed copies of the quarterly sales laid out before him. Profits were nil, the figures highlighted by bold and red font clear evidence of that. The inventory balance sheets showed that there had been a considerable loss of inventory. Someone was stealing from the company, but who could it be? He kicked back in his office chair, and ran his fingers through his sweat laden hair. There had to be an explanation, the people he worked with were his friends, some he considered family.

Agitated, he picked up his blue bird stress ball and began pumping away. It had been a Christmas gift from his son, Gavin; he purchased it in the school book store and paid for it with his own money. Daniel smiled as he thought of it, and the little bird looked back at him, willing him to calm down.

From in the shop an air compressor began to fill. The noise was deafening which was why he insisted that everyone who worked for him wore protective ear covering. His four year old daughter Katie had initially refused, but when his wife Sarah offered to buy her special koala ear muffs she quickly changed her tune.

A sad smile crossed his face as he thought of his family. He had made a good go of it, put all they had into his business and now he had failed them. He would not be able to keep the business open, before long the bank would come to collect the mortgage and he had nothing to offer them. Angry now, he threw the ball and watched as it bounced off the wall and rolled to some unseen place.

Picking up the framed picture of his family, tears began to stream down his face. Just then Stan rapped twice on the door scaring Daniel half to death and causing him to knock the whimsical frog dish from his desk scattering paperclips across the desk and floor. “Sorry boss.” said Stan apologetically. “I’ve assembled the guys; they are waiting for you in the break room. Is there anything I can get you?”
Without turning around Daniel replied “Coffee….. Black.”

Thursday, February 2, 2012

DWP - Prompt : Pen Pals

Hey Krystin,

How are you doing? I’m surviving, but life in here sucks. My next court date is March 15. My lawyer says the charges of (blacked out) and (blacked out) probably won’t be dropped but there is a chance they might be reduced so I guess that’s good. You’ll never guess who I saw in here yesterday, (blacked out). Do you remember him from high school? I was out on the grounds playing basket ball, turned around and there he was. He’s running with the (blacked out) now and got popped for (blacked out). They gave him three years but with gain time he’ll probably be out in one. There’s a (blacked out) in here named, (blacked out). He’s got it in for (blacked out) so he’s having a rough time of it. The (blacked out) sent him to (blacked out) for two (blacked out) last month. He came out looking really (blacked out). I don’t think they (blacked out) you when you’re in there. There’s a guy in here, they say he can get whatever you need. I haven’t met him but (blacked out) has. Smuggles in (blacked out), (blacked out) and (blacked out) all the time or so they say. We’ll I only get fifteen minutes to write. So I have to go. I’ll get phone calls once a week after they approve my visitors list.

Please write soon,
Miss you,

Con Vict
KDOC #1583048-L1

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

DWP - Prompt : Two Haiku's about Fashion

Bound tight, short of breath,
Lacy, masochistic, thing!
Medieval corset.

Knee-length woollen cloth
makes a tartaned gaelic dress.
Kilts are all the rage.