Thursday, February 16, 2012

DWP - Prompt : First Line Prompt

It's a strange thing, seeing my face on a poster beneath the words WANTED: Dead or Alive. Ya see I wanted out and they weren’t going to just let me go. So on that last job, I had an unfortunate accident, some would call it an untimely demise or so they thought. I’ve been working a ranch I purchased here on the outskirts Dunkirk since my “retirement.”

But eventually Mc Gregor put the pieces together; when he worked it all out he knew I wasn’t dead. Since he couldn’t find me on his own it looks as if he’s finally resorted to using the town’s crazies to smoke me out. People round here will do anything for money, now that the mine’s collapsed work’s hard to come by.

I don’t get a lot of visitors out at the ranch, somehow (snicker) they seemed to get the idea I like my privacy. Even still, enough people have seen me; it’s going to be a problem. Not for the three of us, we’re gonna be fine, (knowing smile) ya see there’s a reason why I was the best in the business, why I could seem to be everywhere and never turned down a job. That face you’re looking at on that there wanted poster, well…. it ain’t just mine. (laughter)

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