Sunday, February 26, 2012

DWP - Prompt : Innocence (Prose)

Sabrina woke and looked around. Seeing no one she got out of bed and ran from her room, naked except for a faux denim diaper. As she entered the living room she saw her best friend Chance and a big smile lit up her face. She ran to him and hugged him tightly around the neck. “Luv you” she said patting him on the back.

Sabrina turned on the television and lay on the floor. Chance lay next to her. “Ere.” she said handing him her pacifier. Chance happily took it, and was quite content chewing on the soft silicone nub. “Cookie” she said getting up and running to the cupboard. She took out two cookies and ran back over to Chance. She kept one for herself but gave Chance the other and he quickly gobbled it down.

Hearing the ruckus Mom emerged from the bedroom. “And just what are you two doing?” she said.

Sabrina turned and pointed to the TV “Mick Mous. Mini and Puto. Chance like Puto, Mommy. Puto go Arf, Arf”!

Mom smiled “I see. Well, someone’s gotten into the cookies.”

Sabrina interrupted “Chance do it.”

Chance barked.

Mom made a face, “Sabrina!”

“Sowwy mommy.” she whimpered.

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