Monday, February 20, 2012

DWP - Prompt : The Race

“Are you ready Sam?” Little Joey whispered. “You ate a good breakfast and got lots of sleep. I know you’re going to win, because that’s what mom tells me to do whenever I have a big day.”

Sam didn’t make a sound. He looked at Little Joey for just a moment before taking another bite of his biscuit. Crowds made him nervous. He loved running but never cared much for all the screaming and shouting that occurred at these types of events.

A racers career was limited to just a few short years and Sam was the home town favorite. All these people were here to see him bring home the gold for the third year in a row. The course was set. Racers were at the ready. The fans were getting restless.

The starting gun sounded and the racers were off. Sam blew through the obstacles, he never faltered. Little Joey hopped up and down, excitedly cheering on his best friend. Once again Sam was the first to cross the finish line; Little Joey was ecstatic.

The announcer spoke over the loud speaker “And the Winner of the Junior Competition, for the third year in a row is Sam, a little rat from Hoboken New Jersey.

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