Thursday, February 9, 2012

DWP - Prompt : Neon Lights

When I was just kid my Momma and Daddy took our family on trip. My sister and I didn’t know where we was going, Momma just packed our things up in the car and Daddy drove off. They never used a map, stopped when we wanted, when we got hungry or when someone needed to pee but other than that we just drove on.

Two days later we made it to New Brunswick, stopped off to see some family for a bit; then got back in the car. Guess when you don’t know where your going the pull to go back home is strong. I saw New York City for the first time that night. The city called to me with its bright lights and flashy neons. Saw a taxi for the first time too and I’ll be danged if they don’t look just like they do on TV.

I could picture myself here walking the streets dressed in an executive’s jacket and carrying a sleek little briefcase. Maybe doing some modeling work, maybe acting too, isn’t that what most people did here? I told Momma I was gonna move there some day, leave our farm out in the woods and venture out to see what the world had to offer. She didn’t say much, just smiled at me that way she does when she knows more then what she’s telling.

Learned what Jay-Walking was later that night. It’s an experience you won’t forget having some mean ole policeman on a horse yell at you just for trying to cross the street. Did you know you can’t pet a policemen’s horse in New York? They get more than a bit mad bout that, dunno why though. We had horses back on our farm in Florida; they don’t mind it when you pet um. They like to be scratched too their kinda like giant dogs, but they run faster.

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