Saturday, February 4, 2012

WTH Am I Doing?

I've made it a month. I have written every day and participated in a variety of different prompted writing exercises. I've even attempted poetry! I know I am developing the writing habit but I'm not sure I've actually gotten any better at writing.

Sometimes I feel like I'm wasting my time because hardly anyone reads what I have put so much effort into writing. It's not that I mind that I don't have a large following because I want to be famous. Sure it would be nice to be famous but that's never been the reason why I started writing.

I mind because if I don't have anyone reading my work, how can I be sure that I am conveying my ideas in a way that the reader really understands? Who will critique my writing? How will I learn about form, grammar/punctuation and style.

Obviously I when I consider a work to be finished I don't see the flaws. I need other people to point them out to me. At least at first, then maybe after a time I'll begin to recognize the pit falls myself and avoid them.

Although these exercises are helping, I am not getting the feedback I need to insure I become a better writer. Because of this I am going to have to see what I can do about enrolling in some formal training, maybe I'll be able to find a local creative writing class. But I think that my best chance still rests with The Institute of Children's Literature. I have read many good reviews about the school on a variety of online forums and the book I just got about writing for children mentions them frequently.

Good Night Internet World

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  1. don't give up, people read it even if they don't always comment. i understand where you are at, too. The practice is good to do, and there are always good days and bad. It is hard to see our own flaws but I think it's all opinion anyway which means not a lot in my book, pardon the pun.
    Be a tad careful of training, you don't want your natural inspiration/talent crushed :)

    BTW i think you mean ensure not insure (that's the level of my critique, I'm afraid)