Thursday, February 2, 2012

DWP - Prompt : Pen Pals

Hey Krystin,

How are you doing? I’m surviving, but life in here sucks. My next court date is March 15. My lawyer says the charges of (blacked out) and (blacked out) probably won’t be dropped but there is a chance they might be reduced so I guess that’s good. You’ll never guess who I saw in here yesterday, (blacked out). Do you remember him from high school? I was out on the grounds playing basket ball, turned around and there he was. He’s running with the (blacked out) now and got popped for (blacked out). They gave him three years but with gain time he’ll probably be out in one. There’s a (blacked out) in here named, (blacked out). He’s got it in for (blacked out) so he’s having a rough time of it. The (blacked out) sent him to (blacked out) for two (blacked out) last month. He came out looking really (blacked out). I don’t think they (blacked out) you when you’re in there. There’s a guy in here, they say he can get whatever you need. I haven’t met him but (blacked out) has. Smuggles in (blacked out), (blacked out) and (blacked out) all the time or so they say. We’ll I only get fifteen minutes to write. So I have to go. I’ll get phone calls once a week after they approve my visitors list.

Please write soon,
Miss you,

Con Vict
KDOC #1583048-L1

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