Monday, February 27, 2012

DWP - Prompt : The Seige ( Short Story)

The prompt kind of got a away from me and turned into a bit of a short story instead. When it comes that easy, it's best to roll with it.

Damon T. Werst was more than just your typical bully. Sure, he took lunch money and made kids drop their books but he had a way of manipulating every situation so that no one of authority ever saw his intentional “accidents” for what they really were; a constant onslaught of humiliation and undeniable extortion.

Connor Liberty, an undersized fifth grader at Injustice Elementary School had the unfortunate honor of being one of Damon’s favorite targets. Connor tried to avoid all situations that may put him in jeopardy, even going so far as being late to class and gaining a week’s worth of detention for his efforts. But it never took Damon long to catch on, so Conner was often ambushed and today was no exception.

Just as Connor had past the first grade hall Damon rounded the corner and grabbed hold of him.

“Afternoon Connor.” Damon smiled a toothy grin. “Hand over the cash.”

“I d … d ... don’t have any” came Conner’s shaky reply.

“What do you mean, you don’t have any?”

“Mom packed my lunch today, Haggis and Blood Pudding, a special treat.” He squeaked while holding up the bag.

Damon sniffed. “Ew, what’s wrong with you Celts, that’s disgusting. Now pay up! Or I’ll pound it out of ya.”

Connor couldn’t speak, his hand dove into his pockets one after the other but each time they came up empty.

Enraged Damon shoved Connor hard in the chest causing him to stumble backward and fall. “See ya at three O’ Clock midget”.

News of the upcoming fight traveled fast. Before long kids started approaching Connor wishing him luck and sometimes asking questions; like what he’d want printed in his obituary or if they could have his shiny red bike. The time ticked by much quicker than Conner had realized, while he sat frozen in fear staring out the classroom window, wondering what would happen next; the hands of the clock continued to mark every minute of the last class of the day.

Finally the bell rang and the students poured out of the large double doors of the school’s main entrance. Some went home but most stayed for the fight. Connor was apprehensive and waited until the halls were empty before looking out the large windows and spying Damon standing in the snow waiting for him at the end of the long cedar lined walk that marked the entrance to their school.

Conner walked out knowing that he could not wait inside forever. A fight was inevitable and he was going to lose. As soon as the boys were face to face Damon gave him a shove, then another and a punch to the stomach. Conner crumpled and fell.

As Damon began his advance, a great cry was heard over all the jeering and cheering of the bystanders. From behind the cedars emerged Pimpleface Sally, Joey Boogers, Bookworm Fay, Wedgie Steve, Gus the Nerd, Stick Figure Suzie, Odd Olive, Warty Todd, Clumsy Casey, Wimpy Wesley, Dippy Derek, Crazy Craig, Jumbo Jim, Fatty Patty, Snot Nose Ned, Loser Logan and a large number of Damon’s other victims. Damon stood staring, not fully comprehending the vision of what he was seeing.

That’s when it started; taking aim as best they could the horde of outcasts began throwing snowball after rock filled snowball at the burly brute. Damon’s heavy winter coat cushioned most of the impact but the better placed hits smarted something fierce. It wasn’t long before welts of various colors began to appear on Damon’s face. He began to cry, and then made a break for it, running home as fast as he could.

The outcasts cheered, while Joey Boogers attempted something that may have resembled “The Jerk”. The bystanders that weren’t doubled over in hysterics at the sight of Joey cheered and clapped. Everyone was happy; they had little to fear from Damon now. They had been weak alone but together they were strong and they had made today a day that Damon was certain not to forget.

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