Monday, February 6, 2012

DWP - Prompt : The Underground (Scenes From The Blackout)

** Part Five **

A deep rumble grew in Darien’s chest. His face was contorted by fury and fire burned in his ever vigilant eyes. Curling lips displayed two rows of enormous yellow teeth only seconds before he turned on Oliana.

“Insolent Human! You will pay dearly for your arrogance.” Darien howled.

Oliana shrieked, “I am a Mage, a Mage! You over grown, mangy, green, flea-bag!

Kaelan saw her right hand dive into her cloak and begin its desperate search for the wand she kept hidden within. He growled angrily allowing bulbous drops of saliva to fall from his lips, shaming the now drenched Lord Darslan even further.

Momentarily forgetting Seth Kaelan attempted to move; intent on assisting his brother in his upcoming battle. But Seth allowed the delight of his new found freedom to cloud his judgment; his flurry of movements attracted Kaelan’s attention. A huge paw shot out and smacked the fleeing Seth into the nearby stone wall, where he crumpled and unceremoniously fell in a heap on the floor.

Lysandra came to his aid, he was alive. Quick painful breaths escaped Seth’s mouth and nose and a steady stream of blood leaked from where his head made contact with the wall. The air was knocked out of him certainly, but he would live, the damage was not as bad as she’d expected.

Hearing the commotion from the courtyard, Zamira sent out a tendril of empathic power. The Great Hall was in chaos, a mixture of despair, fear, anger and immense hatred. With out taking down the walls and possibly crushing them all to death there was little she could do. She opted for the one thing she thought might help.

Zamira entered their minds and roared. Those in the Great Hall covered their ears to no avail and fell to their knees willing the sound to cease. She scolded them for their prejudices, but she soon fell silent.
When they rose to their feet the courtiers noticed the transparent form of Orion La Geor floating in the center of the room.

“The Eternal Life Belt has been dismantled and the Elemental Stones it once contained have been stolen. Without the stones, the abbey is helpless. We can not control the forces of this world. Soon the elements will turn their wrath upon the lands and once all life is decimated, our tiny planet will simply blink out and cease to exist.” Orion continued in his emotionless monotone voice.

“The Elemental Stones are strongest in their place of origin. The first, The Earth Stone is believed to be hidden in the underground caverns of the Traligill Caves. You must save our world. You have been summoned here to complete that task. You must put aside your differences. Each of you has a unique ability, not possessed by the others. You will require them all if you wish to be successful. Throughout your journey to restore the Elemental Stones others will seek to join your cause, be mindful of your decisions.”

Orion turned to face Lysandra. “The Cu Sith know the way to the Traligill Caves. They will act as your guide. You must ask Zamira to carry them to the cave entrance. Then once inside use their ability to see in the dark to your advantage. Allow them to freely navigate the tunnels of the underground but stay together or all is lost.” With his instructions given the ghostly form of the High Priest vanished before their eyes.

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