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Interview with Andrea Buginsky, Author of Natures Unbalance - Book Two of the Chosen Series.

Natures Unbalance

Book Two of The Chosen Series

Was Just Released

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity
to interview the author Andrea Buginsky
during her Launch Party July 21st 2012.

Morrigan Aoife: What is the most fun about being a writer?

Andrea Buginsky: Creating my characters and their stories. It's true what other writers say: Your characters talk to you, and take on a life of their own. They take over the story. I love that!

Morrigan Aoife: What is the hardest part of writing for you?

Andrea Buginsky: Getting restarted when I get stuck, or took too long of a break from my manuscript.

Morrigan Aoife: What do you do to prepare for the beginnings? Word association? Do you begin with a characters portrait and write the story for him/her. Start with a place? Or a point in time?

Andrea Buginsky: I'm actually more of a pantser than an planner/organizer. I get an idea, start writing, and let it flow. When I see that I've come to the end of the story, I go back and start editing. That's where most of the crafting actually begins to take place.

Morrigan Aoife: Are there any occupational hazards to being a novelist? Like does the dog forget who you are when you finally emerge from your writing cave?

Andrea Buginsky: LOL No, they're usually in it with me :) Umm... if I really get into my work, I end up with very sore muscles from sitting in front of the computer for too long without moving around. And it's VERY easy to forget the time when you're really in a groove.

Morrigan Aoife: Do you write in your pajamas? :)

If so, remember that before video conferencing your next interview.

Andrea Buginsky: Yes, actually! LoL. I have my very first Skype appearance next month. Must remember to 1) wear actual clothes 2) fix hair 3) wear makeup.

Morrigan Aoife: Do you set a daily writing goal? Do you complete prompted writing for practice or to hone the daily writing habit?

Andrea Buginsky: No, I actually don't do either of those. Just what I feel up to doing day-by-day, hour-by-hour.

Morrigan Aoife: Do you keep little toys or models on your writing desk or tape pictures of your characters on the walls to keep you inspired?

Andrea Buginsky: I have a Harry Potter ornament that I keep on my desk. He's my Muse :) I also have little quotes on my bulletin board.

What I'd love to get is the "12 1/2 Rules of Writing" poster :)

I also have beautifully-framed copies of my book covers on my wall above my desk, thanks to my wonderful mother :)

Morrigan Aoife: Now that is awesome!

Andrea Buginsky: oh, yeah!

Morrigan Aoife: What's a typical (writing) working day like for you?

Andrea Buginsky: After breakfast, I'll check email and Facebook, and play around for a while. Then I take a break (I have to take breaks throughout the day). Then, I'll be on-and-off the computer all day checking email, writing articles, editing articles that are kicked back, and working on my books. I usually mix the writing up with whatever I feel like doing during the day.

Morrigan Aoife: How many articles are you usually handling at the same time as your writing a book and still handling your personal life?

Andrea Buginsky: Lately, I've also been trying my hand at more marketing ideas too. I'll read newsletters and blogs on writing and marketing to help. One of my faves is a daily email I receive called "The Morning Nudge" from children's author Suzanne Lieurance.

I do around 3-5 articles a week. I work on my books on-and-off when I feel up to it. I'm normally at home during the week, so my work gives me something to do around the house.

Morrigan Aoife: ‎3-5 articles a week WOW.

Andrea Buginsky: Comparatively speaking, it's not much. I've heard of freelancers who do more than that in a day :)

Morrigan Aoife: Well they must not have any children home for the summer!

Andrea Buginsky: LOL

Today (Launch Party) has been the LONGEST day I've ever spent in front of the computer!

Morrigan Aoife: ‎I bet it has been a real test of patience.

Andrea Buginsky: Patience, no; fatigue, yes :)

I've actually had a GREAT time today!

Morrigan Aoife: Here's a fun question... if you were to pick your least favorite of all the books you've ever read which would it be and why?

Andrea Buginsky: Believe it or not, "Hunger Games." Now, honestly speaking, I couldn't even get through the whole thing. Not because of the writing, but the content really bothered me, as in made me feel icky. But that tells me that the author did a good job conveying the message of the book.

Morrigan Aoife: I knew right away that book series wasn't for me.. I couldn't make it through the movie trailers... My least fav is also a shocker because the book was written by Tolkien... My least fav is The Silmarillion. Because its mostly description and no story... I have actually tried to read it three or four times and each times I end up throwing it across the room.

Andrea Buginsky: LOL yeah, that's definitely a sign of "no good for me." ;)

Morrigan Aoife: What other genre's have you written? Did you start off with short stories or has books/novels always been your focus.

Andrea Buginsky: I tried my hand at a series of short stories for Middle Grade readers, about six close friends. They were based on me and my imaginary friends from my childhood :) Then, I tried my hand at an adult romance, because I love Danielle Steel, and thought I'd like to write like her. But neither of those really worked, so it was back to the drawing board. Then one day, I was watching the movie "The Seeker: The Dark is Rising," and it hit me: I love fantasy, so why not try to write one? And the rest, as they say, is history :)

Morrigan Aoife: They say you should write what you read, so is it safe to say that you read a lot of fantasy books too?

Andrea Buginsky: oh, yeah! My fave. Loved the "Harry Potter, " "Percy Jackson," and "Twilight" series.

Morrigan Aoife: What kind of research did you do for the chosen series?

Andrea Buginsky: Mostly looking up how to write battle scenes. Then, I had to come up with names for my world and the places on it. I'm currently researching different creatures to use in future books so I can expand the world beyond what readers have already seen. And I had to draw a map to help me learn my way around Phantasma, and set up new areas for The Chosen to explore.

Morrigan Aoife: A map is a great idea you don't want to say they experiences the snow and ice of the north when they are actually traveling east to Drumple.

Andrea Buginsky: Exactly! I'd like to incorporate my map into my future books. First, I have to get someone to draw them to look like maps...mine is garbled gook. :)

Morrigan Aoife: Who's your least fav character?

Andrea Buginsky: The bad guys :)

Morrigan Aoife: Well that would make it easy to write the scenes in which they need to be defeated.

Andrea Buginsky: LOL Definitely. I can't think of any of the main character that I don't really like.

Morrigan Aoife: We know Book One has been out for a while, Book Two is just being released and Book Three is in the making .... How many books do you see in the future for this series?

Andrea Buginsky: As many as I feel like writing :) I already have the concept for Book Four ;)

Morrigan Aoife: Will Halli remain the MC or are you planning to to tell us the stories of other characters?

Andrea Buginsky: I'm going to try to mix them up, though all 6 will be featured in all of the books. For example, my working title for Book Three is "Striker's Apprentice."

Morrigan Aoife: What a wonderful way for us to get to know all of them better.

Morrigan Aoife:  What types of creatures can we expect to see in the series?

Andrea Buginsky: Book Three will introduce a very special creature called the Wikimax Monster: it's a two-headed dog beast. There will also be a mix of large beasts, flying creatures, and medieval-looking monsters.

Morrigan Aoife: Sounds like The Chosen will have their hands full.

Andrea Buginsky: oh, yeah!

Morrigan Aoife: What gave you the idea for the story?

Andrea Buginsky: A game I played with my family. I used our characters, and came up with a storyline for them.

Morrigan Aoife: You have a wide cast of characters it reminds me of the old dungeons and dragons games of the late 80's - early 90's.

Andrea Buginsky: Yup :) It's a Role Playing Game similar to D&D that I'm talking about

Morrigan Aoife: So if you had to pick a favorite of the chosen.. who would it be?

Andrea Buginsky: Halli, but I'm biased....I based her on me :) Silvor is my next fave, and he's based on my wonderful hubby :) But, in truth, I love them all.

Morrigan Aoife: Halli is a bit unsure at first when it comes to her abilities... did you feel that way when you first started writing Fantasy fiction or was it something that just came naturally?

Andrea Buginsky: Writing fantasy seemed to come naturally, but it took a while to realize that was my niche.

Morrigan Aoife: I'm loving the look of these characters... And Ive seen your mad art skills.. So how did you go about creating these guys? Did you search the Internet for reference characters or do you have a friendly illustrator hiding in the basement?

Andrea Buginsky: Internet search. Halli and Silvorhawk are from my covers, so they're permanent. The rest I found searching Bing, so they may change in the future ;)

Morrigan Aoife: I like to do it that way too.

Andrea Buginsky: yeah, much easier....especially since I can't draw anything better than stick figures ;)

That concludes my interview with Andrea Buginsky. I'd like to thank Andrea for taking a few minutes out of her Launch Party to talk about her book series. I'd also like to direct you to the links below where you can read an excerpt from Natures Unbalance, Talk with Andrea and Purchase the books.

Natures Unbalance Book Two of The Chosen Series On Amazon.

Andi's Realm - Blog Spot

Author - Andrea Buginsky on Facebook

Author - Andrea Buginsky on Google Plus

Author - Andrea Buginsky on Google Plus

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Twitter: @andreabuginsky

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Boom - 4 Lines of Prose - DWP From 7-20-12

I heard a soft rumble above my head. As I looked up into a clear blue sky, I saw nothing but blue. The sound intensified, growing louder and louder, coming closer and closer. A stream of what looked like a single line of clouds suddenly marred the sky. Then a boom echoed all around me. The white  line hung in air, the only evidence left behind by the Unidentified Flying Object.

(Ok so it's 6 lines.....Shush, if you didn't say anything they wouldn't have noticed.)

Clay - DWP From 7-19-12

The kids love to play
With polymer clay
They make little faces
And fantasy places
Then paint their creation
To add characterization

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Protect Protector Protection - DWP From 7-18-12

The orders were delivered via electronic means; the plans for the new system would be sold on the black market to various medical facilities throughout the Middle East. By this time tomorrow Marc would be half way around the world sipping fruiting drinks while lying on the beach dreaming of ways to spend his newly acquired money.

After months of coercion his coworker, George, had finally submitted to partaking in the scam and since then he’d been working endless hours to complete the project on time. The last of the diagnostics were now complete.

With a smile Marc greased the palm of his loyal confidant, more out of habit then necessity. Closing his fingers around the stack of bills George looked into the eyes of his oppressor and nodded as he handed the disk containing the program over to Marc with his free hand. The exchange occurred in complete silence. Marc turned, headed toward the elevator and depressed the button.

When the doors opened and Marc stepped inside, George stood and walked to his office window. The FBI waited silently below. Marc had been right, the bribes were no longer necessary. The exchange was merely the last piece of evidence George had needed to seal his fate.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Online Dating - 2 Haiku - DWP From 7-17-12

A O L Profile
Employed, Divorced, Drama Free,
All Excellent Traits!


An impromptu date,
Followed by a wedding,
And five young children.

The Start - DWP From 7-16-12

Put one foot in front of the other
Start with one step then take another
This is how we must begin all things
Then see what perseverance brings!

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The Syndicate Blog Tour - Shelena Shorts & Interview with Jennifer Bosworth Author of Struck!

As part of The Syndicate blog tour, author Shelena Shorts is giving away a signed copy of her new paranormal romance The Syndicate.
The giveaway is international, feel free to enter.
Giveaway ends : August 5, 2012

The winner will be notified within 48 hours of giveaway ends, also be announced on announcement page.

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Exclusive Interview with Jennifer Bosworth, Author of Struck+ Win a Signed Copy of Struck

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The Whirlwind - DWP From 7-15-12 ( Haiku and Poem)

The winds of change won't stop blowing
Our family keeps on growing
I'm stretched thin, like a taffy pull
Got no more room, my plate is full.


Book, Baby, Prompt, Read,
Each a high priority
Bidding for my time

The Delivery - 4 Line Poem - DWP From 7-14-12

If you "tell" a mythical tale
The audience may find your delivery a bit stale.

So you must "show" all the aspects of the story
To earn admiration and glory.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Condition - 4 Lines Of Prose - DWP From 7-13-12

"Kelly hurry up and come in here, you're never going to believe who's on Jerry Springer!"
"Someone we know is on Jerry Springer?"
"Yeah, Randy Daniels!"
"Seriously? What's his deal?"
"Isn't it obvious? He suffers from acute stupidity!"

Friday, July 13, 2012

Hiding - DWP From 7-12-12

There is no rock big enough
Nor no cave deep enough
No mountain is high enough
No lake or sea large enough
To conceal and keep me free
From all who I try to flee!

Going Low - DWP From 7-11-12

Calypso music resonates through the air
The dancing stops, people move away and stare
A thin bar is placed on it's lowest rung
Then out of the crowd the young limbo lead sprung!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Confusion - 2 Haiku - DWP From 7-10-12

Where, When, How did this happen?
What is going on?


This was not my choice!
I played the cards I was dealt.
But who stacked the deck?

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Life As I Know It !

As you may or may not have noticed I've had a bit of trouble posting up my responses to the Daily Writing Prompts.  However I am very excited to announce that I have now completed them all and I am back on track. Whoot Whoot!

Hurricane / Tropical Storm Debby hit the Florida coast the weekend of June 23- 24 causing  tornado's, sinkholes, flooding and power outages in my town and surrounding areas. I'd Like to share some of those pictures with you.

This is a photo of a rescue made by those
two teenage boys of the elderly man.
They helped him escape the home
you see behind them.
This is why they tell you to stay put and not
to drive around in a storm to look at the
damage. You never know where a sinkhole
might open up.

This is one of the main streets in my town
 Mariner Blvd. It is currently still closed
due to unstable ground activity.

The flood waters are receding and life is getting back to normal, but there are still a lot of people who are homeless due to the fact that they can not return to their flooded and/or  damaged homes.   There are 8-12 predicted Hurricanes due to hit Florida in the 2012 season, Debby was just the first, looks like were in for a wild ride this year.

Visit Florida the experience will
Blow you away!

But that's not the only reason things have been a bit Chaotic in my household.

My office has been taken over by "Alien Intruders."  

My daughter and her family are staying with us while they search for their new home in Clearwater. They have brought with them all the necessities you need for a baby and a toddler and so it's standing room only in my office and there are times I just can't make it to my desk.

Speaking of Aliens, we are anxiously awaiting the determination of whether the new addition to our family will be a Neveah Jade or an Aiden Liam.  

Neveah Jade  or Aiden Liam

So like I said, there have been a number of developments that have kept me from my time with you and writing and while I try to be prompt with the prompts *grin* it's going to be rough seas around here throughout July and August. Especially with me preparing for Camp NaNaWriMo this August. 

I'm still excited 50,000 words in one month ! 

It gives me Goose Bumps...
like a horror story I can't put down!

The Pretender - DWP From 7-9-12

My people live in

A world of my creation

Deep within the mind

Retirement Party - DWP From 7-8-12

The final end of fifty years of service
A speech was expected, which made him nervous
He'd be given a plaque and a pocket watch
Agonizing moments like this required scotch

The Heat - 4 Lined Poem - DWP From 7-7-12

Tiny plants shrivel up and dry

As the sun rises in the sky

Vultures circle those soon to die

Pick their bones clean and then fly high.

The Trader - 4 Lines of Prose - DWP From 7-6-12

The door to the ancient looking shop swung open and over the threshold stepped a young woman in gothic dress.

"May I help you?" asked the old chrone from behind the counter.

"Yes, thank you sister. I require chalk, salt, and one salamander."

The old hag placed the chalk and salt into a bag and then beckoned the young witch over.

"Blue or red dearie? Which species of lizard do you need?"

When the girl didn't answer she raised a suspicious eye.

"And what shall you give me in return?"

 The young woman placed a rare black flame candle on the counter and smirked.

 "I'll take um both and your silence."

 She placed the two glass jars in the bag, winked, and picked up her parcel and exited the store.

Friday, July 6, 2012

The Nest - DWP From 7-5-12

High up in the trees

Hung a nest of bees
One I wish I would have seen
Before the queen got so mean
I should have jumped down and then ran like hell
But it’s too late for that now so I’ll just lay here and swell!

Waking - DWP From 7-4-12

I lay in bed, my arm slung over and hanging off the side like dead weight. It had been a long night and although I had managed to rack up three hours of uninterrupted sleep, I was much too tired to move.  My eyes fluttered open and then closed again as I repeatedly tried to work my way out of the fog of sleep just long enough to read the bold red numbers plastered across the face of my alarm clock. The third time wasn’t the charm, nor was the 10th.  An hour, possibly two, must have passed before my senses reached out to the world.  The smell of something glorious reached my nose, pulling me from sleep. Minutes passed and finally my brain processed the enticing aroma. I sat up and exclaimed to the empty room, “Oh My God, its Bacon!”

Sleep - 2 Haiku - DWP From 7-3-12

The thick bouncer smiled
His punch came out of no where

Nighty Night, Sleep Tight

Gator! Hiss! Roar! Snap!
But rolled over on his back
He’s out like a light!

Empty - DWP From 7-2-12

Her eyes are vacant
Like she has no soul
An evil reigns within
That she can’t control
Her lover is long dead
But she yearns for revenge
She pours the vile poison
His death she will avenge

The Display - DWP From 7-1-12

“I’m sorry my dear you’ve reached your limit.”
The cashier smiled, but her heart wasn’t in it.
She took the store’s card and then cut it in half
So I punched her in the face and started to laugh.

The Anniversary - 4 Lined Poem - DWP From 6-30-12

This came out as more of a riddle then a poem but let's see how easy it is to guess......

Each year I get a token
For another year of service
My will remains unbroken
But I rub it, when I’m nervous

The Party- 4 Lines of Prose - DWP From 6-29-12

A huge party is thrown by Mom and Dad
To say congratulations to The Grad
Thirteen long years you’ve all had to wait
For you to pass twelfth grade and graduate!

The Body - DWP From 6-28-12

Your corpse lays quiet, interned in the ground
Stone cold, alone, and ashy grey
And although your soul didn’t stick around
On your bones, earth’s bugs do prey