Friday, July 6, 2012

Waking - DWP From 7-4-12

I lay in bed, my arm slung over and hanging off the side like dead weight. It had been a long night and although I had managed to rack up three hours of uninterrupted sleep, I was much too tired to move.  My eyes fluttered open and then closed again as I repeatedly tried to work my way out of the fog of sleep just long enough to read the bold red numbers plastered across the face of my alarm clock. The third time wasn’t the charm, nor was the 10th.  An hour, possibly two, must have passed before my senses reached out to the world.  The smell of something glorious reached my nose, pulling me from sleep. Minutes passed and finally my brain processed the enticing aroma. I sat up and exclaimed to the empty room, “Oh My God, its Bacon!”

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