Thursday, July 19, 2012

Protect Protector Protection - DWP From 7-18-12

The orders were delivered via electronic means; the plans for the new system would be sold on the black market to various medical facilities throughout the Middle East. By this time tomorrow Marc would be half way around the world sipping fruiting drinks while lying on the beach dreaming of ways to spend his newly acquired money.

After months of coercion his coworker, George, had finally submitted to partaking in the scam and since then he’d been working endless hours to complete the project on time. The last of the diagnostics were now complete.

With a smile Marc greased the palm of his loyal confidant, more out of habit then necessity. Closing his fingers around the stack of bills George looked into the eyes of his oppressor and nodded as he handed the disk containing the program over to Marc with his free hand. The exchange occurred in complete silence. Marc turned, headed toward the elevator and depressed the button.

When the doors opened and Marc stepped inside, George stood and walked to his office window. The FBI waited silently below. Marc had been right, the bribes were no longer necessary. The exchange was merely the last piece of evidence George had needed to seal his fate.

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