Monday, January 14, 2013

Ushering in 2013

2013 started off with a bang. 

Meet the newest addition to our family, my grandson,

Jaxon Matthew.

Jax was born January 4th and although due to some medical complications he isn't home with us yet there are a plethora of things to do before he's carried through our door for the first time. Jax is expected to find his way home some time in March. Until then our family will be making two hour trips to and from All Children's Hospital to visit with him and my daughter Megan who has found lodging close to the hospital.
I have given my daughter my lap top and camera to use while she is away so we can keep in touch. Therefore, I can not currently write "on the fly" or even out of the confines of the 4 walls of my office. However I have a short story ready for the editor of Skipping Stones Magazine and  I am currently working an additional story that takes place in Oahu.
Many thanks to Shelly Tarmey, Operations Manager for the Lodges at Kaneohe Bay and the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau for providing me with some geographic, cultural, and historical information that will lend itself to the completion of the story.
The one year Bloggiversary of the Power of Words on Paper (Jan 2nd) came and went virtually unnoticed by everyone, including me. I was preparing for Jaxon's arrival and was with Megan at the hospital and it never even crossed my mind that I should have been doing something to make it a big deal.  I suppose the only thing to do now is to continue building a fan base and plan for next year.  It's a shame though, Year One is gone and I would have liked to have found a way to thank those people who have supported me in my newest venture.
New Years also passed without a big fuss, but I assume that just like every year, New Years Resolutions were made and being that it is already the 14th of January at least 1/8 of you have given up on the prospect of loosing weight or quitting smoking.  No matter what change your trying to make to better yourself this year, have faith my friends.  Soldier on and keep fighting, it can be done.
I didn't have time to think of any Resolutions for the New Year with everything that was going on here at the time however now that I have had time to think, throughout the year I would like to ...
1. Muscle Train - I am planning a major surgery, a hip replacement, later this year and I need to be in better physical shape to aid in my recovery.
2. Post on this blog and my author Facebook Page, a minimum of 2x per week.
3. Complete NanoWriMo this year. Be it at camp in the summer or in November.
4. Cut the fat! No I'm not talking about my weight, I'm talking about the people who weigh you down. The non supportive people, people  who just take and never give, the ones who expect you to do everything for them and never lift a finger. I need a better outlook on life so...... Ya me despido! ( It's time to say goodbye. )
5. To take time with my husband,  plan a trip, go fishing, discover a new hobby  or pick back up a forgotten one. Our children are 22, 19, 15, and soon to be 12 and 12.  With the exception of the youngest of the lot, it is certainly time they become independent and run their own lives.  
Those five things shouldn't be to hard to do. I know there will be times when I fail but that's the thing about Resolutions they make us reflect on ourselves, something we seldom do as a people, and then compel us to try and and improve our own faults.  The journey is often just as important as the accomplishment.
So what were your Resolutions for this year?


  1. I have a couple little resolutions, most of which deal with my prayer life and Catholic attitude toward the world. One of my big resolutions is to get a WIP polished and submitted to an agent. So far, that's my BIG resolution. :)

    Congrats on your new addition! Little Jaxon is WAY adorable! :)

  2. Congrats on your new grandson! He's adorable! Great resolutions for the new year, too. Good luck with them all.