Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Chasing Dreams

The world is full of responsibilities; some are forced upon you by your parents, others you take up because you feel a sense of duty or to please your families or friends. But what of your dreams? Do they fall by the wayside or are they kept close to your heart as you complete the mundane tasks that you have accepted as your fate, hoping that someday, somehow some small portion of them might reach fruition?
Very few people live the life they envisioned for themselves. Some know what it is they seek, while others desire something more, something special, something unusual, something magical.  I and others like me share a secret, our birthright, some might call it astral projection, though I'm not quite sure it is the right word. 
We appear to you like everyone else, while you see us toiling along, whether it be housework, or sitting alone at a desk in a hospital entering bits of code into a computer, our minds, our very souls, are elsewhere. We live vicariously through the thousands of people we've met in a land of our own creation or of the lands created by others with similar abilities.  
How sad it must be to only live once, to not see the wonders I see when all is quiet and I am at peace. Only yesterday, I spent my time with Erin Morgenstern as she told a tale of  a circus like none you have ever seen, a black and white circus that has come to be known by those who frequent it as The Night Circus.
Toward the end of her tale, she told of business card given to a patron as she left the circus just before dawn. The black and white card was said to contain just a few pieces of information.

Le Cirque des Reves
Mr. Bailey Alden Clarke, Proprietor 
There are tales that when told leave you wanting more, the Night Circus is one of those rare few. With the evening coming to a close I changed and went off to bed only to be woken by a the hushed whispers of a voice concealed in the shadows of my mind. "Write Him." it whispered over and over again, it refused to be ignored.  
So at three minutes to midnight I sent the following..............
Dear Mr. Clarke,
It is with some apprehension that I write to you today, therefore I hope this communication is well received. I felt compelled to contact you and comment on a tale written by Erin Morgenstern regarding the events leading up to your eventual proprietorship of what has come to be known as the Night Circus. The account was nothing short of spectacular and is said to have been originally relayed by someone in your employ, a Mr. Winston Murray.
Though I have never had the pleasure of attending the circus myself, I have followed the writings of Herr Thiessen and adore it. Your Widget is a truly gifted story teller and through him I have envisioned the circus in New York, London and Massachusetts, as well as other cities. His detailed descriptions of the entire contents of the circus from the wishing tree and ice garden right down to the caramel apples was a delicious smorgasbord for the senses. Even as I was intoxicated by the smell of fantastically delicious cinnamon things I feared for the circus and distressed over the love shared between the Illusionist and Assistant and [mourned] the devastating losses of Miss Tara Burgess and Friedrick Thiessen.
Yours is a tale like no other,
Morrigan Aoife, Fellow Rever
I did not expect that my letter would reach the circus, however I was delighted to receive an immediate response. There are some story tellers that would not have been so diligent in the relaying of such minor details, but it is often those small details that make all the difference.
Thank you for your interest in Le Cirque des Rêves!

If you are inquiring as to the itinerary of the circus, we apologize,
but it is against our policy to disclose information about current or
upcoming locations.

Other inquiries will be responded to in as timely a manner as possible.

It is my sincere hope that I hear from Erin or Bailey again, but if the circus moves on and that never comes to pass I shall never forget the tale.



  1. Hi, found you on Goodreads. New follower :)

    That letter is right -- it is sad to live only once. That's why I love acting.

    1. I loved acting in high school. Admittedly, I haven't done it since but those were happy times. I think my last role was that of a Pansy in Alice and Wonderland. I did quite a bit of singing in that play, but then it was a musical after all.

  2. That's super cool, Morrigan. Isn't it amazing how some tales set your imagination soaring, and make you do things you might never otherwise have done?

    1. It was just a small spontaneous thing, but yet I find myself checking my email frequently just to see if Erin or Bailey may have replied. I wonder what they thought of my letter and how they might reply.

  3. Morrigan,

    That is so cool that you wrote to them. I really hope your letter gets into the authors hands and hopefully they arent so "big" that your letter wouldnt mean the world. I felt the same way when I read Jody Picoult's book "Between the Lines". I did send her a note through facebook and she actually answered me back.