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The Brooksville Mural Society - Mural Walk

April 30th 2014

My sister, Kim, and I drove into downtown Brooksville and began the self guided walking tour of the cities murals. The tour would probably take the average person an hour to complete. However, we meandered around a bit and poked our heads into a number of buildings in between murals, so it actually took us much longer. All you need is a friend and a bottle of water and this is a lovely and healthy way to spend an afternoon.

 "Bayport" Antique Mural
Artists - Ernest Brundage and Theresa Clingeman
Year 1978
"Saturday Stroll Down Old Brooksville Avenue"
Artist - Maurea Sleesman
Sponsors - Anna Liisa & Tony Covell
Year 2001
"The Fire Mural"
Artist - Keith Goodson
Sponsor - Dennis and Pam Wilfong
Year 2002

"The Fire Mural"
Artist - Keith Goodson

Sponsor - Dennis and Pam Wilfong
Year 2002


"The Brooksville Raid"
Artist - Antonio Caparello
Sponsor - The Hernando Tourist Development Council
Year 2004
"Early Physicians of Brooksville"
Artist - Diane Becker
Sponsors - Victor F. Heins
The Hernando Tourist and Development Council
Year 2003

"A Fifties Drug Store"
Artist - Chad Leininger
Sponsor - Progress Energy
Year 2004
"The Livery Stable"
Artist - Ellen Snyder
Sponsors - The Hernando Tourist Development Council
Hernando County Fine Arts Council
Ellen Duncan
Year 2008

My sister and I started our street trek with an older pamphlet and therefore were unaware of the "Bayport" Antique Mural and missed seeing it. The upside to this faux pas was the discovery of the "Livery Stable", a newer painting, which we delightedly happened upon by accident. Kim and I took quite a few pictures of the murals. However, since we toured downtown on a busy Wednesday afternoon the images are hindered by traffic and parked cars. To get the best pictures, free of traffic and the sun's glare, it may be best to take the tour on Sunday evening.

Additionally, we were able to spot two other paintings that were not listed in the new or old versions of the walking tour pamphlet, but are visible during the tour. Please email me a picture of any other paintings you uncover during your tour.

Artist - John Webster
Year 2010
Artist - Unknown
Year - Unknown
Currently, pamphlets for the tour can be found in the lobby of The Hernando County Court House. However, if you intend on taking the tour and wish to plan ahead, you can contact The Brooksville Mural Society by mail at P.O. Box 1682 Brooksville, Florida 34605 or the Hernando County Fine Arts Council by phone at (352) 754 - 4788.  Membership information for The Brooksville Mural Society is provided on the brochure for the walking tour.

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