Monday, June 4, 2012

Customs - 4 Lines of Prose - DWP From 6-1-12

"Tiff, what’s your first class?" Stacey asked as she and Tiffany left the university registrar’s office.

Tiffany stopped and starred at the first of many papers she had clenched in her fist. Repeatedly blowing bubbles and snapping her gum she perused the class list. "Psy.... Oh, My, God! Stac, look over there, that guy has two metal spikes protruding from under his lip and a bull ring in his nose.

Like, No, Way! Seriously? Stacey turned to gawk at the guy standing in the line to her right but in doing so spied another unique character. "Tiff, Tiff, she said while smacking Tiffany on the forearm.”Check out this chick! Who dressed her this morning she looks like she’s dead with that black dress and pale skin. That’s like totally bogus! You won't find anything that heinous in the valley.

Don't be such a drama queen Stac, were not in Cali anymore.

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