Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Pit - DWP From 6-18-12

She stands statuesque, watching and waiting, like she does every week day at this time. Not a sound escapes her lips as she sees her child exit the bus and come bounding up the drive to envelope her in an enthusiastic hug. Her sole purpose is to please him, to comfort him and protect him. It is her duty and she accepts it willingly, she will allow nothing to separate them.

Pulling away he smiled, kissed her on the forehead and walked toward the house. He’d barely taken three steps before she heard the tell tale sound of a Rattler. She froze searching the grass for the snake. Finally she caught sight of it, its head rising just above the grass poised to strike her boy. Sasha was off like shot, pushing her boy out of the way and placing herself between the snake and the child.

It struck at her leg; its teeth skimmed over her skin creating a small scratch, but were unable to take hold to inject the venom necessary to immobilize her. Sasha rounded on the snake, grabbing it by the mid section and furiously shaking it. The snake tried to retaliate for a few moments but eventually its body went limp. Realizing it was dead and the threat was over Sasha released the body from between her teeth and limped over to her boy. She sniffed him all over and when she was certain he had not been bitten she licked his face and lay down with him in the grass.

“Good girl Sasha.” he crooned. “Good Dog! You saved me!”

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