Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Sale - DWP From 6-27-12

A husband and wife walk into Sears intending to window shop for cribs for their baby to be. The doting husband is listening intently to all his wife’s plans for the nursery as she ambles on and on through the baby section of the store. A salesman eyes the couple for a few minutes before walking over to prey upon the pair in their time of need.

The woman spots a beautiful cherry wood convertible crib. “Jessie, this ere’s perfect! It goes from one of them bassinet thingies to a crib, then to a tot bed and even turns into the header and footer for a big kid bed. Somef’in like this ‘ere could really save us some dough, honey. Think about all the stuff we ain’t gotta buy with one of these.” 

Jessie walks to the crib inspecting the quality of the craftsmanship before turning the informative tag over to gander at the price. “$800 Bucks!” he cries as he turns to the salesman “Ya’ll call this a half price sale?” The salesman pipes up commenting for nearly two minutes on the crafter and their style of design before it becomes obvious that all this talk of the latest innovations in baby furniture is lost upon Jessie.

“Sir, Jessie says I’m sorry but your high flut’in hoidy toidy ways is just too much trouble for us simple folk. Come on Ellie Mae. Let’s go on over to the Wal-mart.”

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