Sunday, June 10, 2012

Reflections - 4 Lines of Prose - DWP From 6-8-12

“Mom what was my name going to be if I was a boy?” Megan asked while skimming through my book of 1000,001 Best Baby Names.

 “Joshua Christopher.” I replied, “Make sure you put that book back on the shelf when you’re done, I use it a lot when I’m writing and don’t want to have to go hunting for it.”

“Okay! “ There was a long pause before she built up enough courage to ask her next question.  ”What were the twin’s names going to be if they were boys?”

Turning away from my computer screen to look at her, I replied. “Sebastian Alexander and Erik Tristan, Why do you want to know?”

Megan smiled and buried her face inside the book before replying, “No reason.”

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