Friday, June 1, 2012

The Cross Over - DWP From 5-31-12

For today's prompt Marc threw down a challenge! Take two (or more) characters from different stories (yours or someone else's) and bring them into a scene together.

This was my response:

Quickly turning from a soft drizzle to torrential downpour the rain whipped into the face of Willy Wonka as he hurried down a busy London street. Eager to keep himself dry, Wonka slipped under the awning of a squat brick building and scanned the street.  Wet newspapers launched themselves into the air while a deluge of rain poured from roofs in the form of waterfalls. There was no place to hide, until the rain ceased he was stuck.  Utterly bored he turned to look into the window of the store, in front of which he was standing.  
Meat Pies?  Abominable! What fool would put meat into a perfectly good pie? Well, I did miss breakfast and I cannot continue on in this wretched weather. But it seems that is all these dismal streets have to offer. Maybe a spot of hot tea to warm the heart and mind, this is England after all.
The decision had been made, Wonka opened the door and a mouth watering aroma found its way into his nostrils.
“Good Day, Sir” Ms. Lovett said with a toothy grin of black and decaying teeth. “What can I get ya?” 
“One pasty and a cup of hot tea if you please, Ms…?” Mr. Wonka said questioningly as he shook the rain from his large black hat.
Ms. Lovett bustled behind the counter and placed a pie on a cooling plate. 
“Lovett Dear, Ms. Lovett. What brings you to Fleet Street on a day such as this?”
“I’ve come all the way from America to meet with various confectioners in London. I’m searching to find a new ingredient for the filling of my latest chocolate bar.  Nothing I’ve come across has been right. I need something gelatinous, something that really sticks to the roof of your mouth.”
The soft chime of a bell alerted the couple to the door being opened. A man dressed all in black with wild hair rushed in. “Nellie, I have to talk to you about…. Oh, pardon me!”
“Ah!   Mr. Todd so glad you could join us. This is Mr. Wonka.  He is a candy maker from America looking for a sticky filling for his new sweet treat.”
Mr. Todd raised an eyebrow and a sinister smile slid across his face. “Is that so?” he said before taking the seat opposite Mr. Wonka. “Maybe I can help with that.”

What is in Mr. Wonka's chocolate bars? Only Nellie Lovett and Sweeney Todd know for sure!

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