Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Patch - 4 Lines Of Prose - DWP From 6-22-12

Keith ran in the front door his sneakers squeaking and squealing as he skid across the foyer floor and slid down the hall, racing his way to the kitchen.

“Mom! Mom!”

“Keith!  What’s the matter?” mom asked as she appeared at the end of a short hall that marked the entrance to the kitchen.

Keith charged into her wrapping his arms around her thighs and hugging her tightly. 

“Mom! Look what I got!” Keith erratically waved a small piece of what looked like fabric in front of his mothers face. “Isn’t it great?”

Mom tried to read the writing on the small patch her son held tightly in his little hands but it was moving too fast to make any sense of it.

It was then that Dad entered. Mom looked up at him and smiled.

Dad smirked and then started to speak. “He earned his Boy Scout badge for blueberry picking today honey. It was all he could talk about the whole way home.”

Mom’s eyes grew wide as she looked first to her son and then to her white pants. She sighed. “Oh, Yes Sweetheart, it’s fantastic!”  

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