Sunday, January 8, 2012

Color Me Disappointed! =(

I got up this morning with the intention of going to the library but I guess I didn't make my intentions clear because about 20 minutes later I went outside to get into my truck it was gone! The first Saturday of each month my husband takes our twin 10 year old girls to Home Depot to participate in a daddy-daughter craft activity. They usually they take his little four door Saturn but for some reason they didn't this time. Since my husband uses the car for work, I don't even have keys for the darned thing and was stranded at home.

Usually they are only gone about two to three hours, but they went to Walmart and stopped at a yard sale afterward so they were gone quite a bit longer than expected. After dropping the girls off, my husband folded down the seats in the truck and went back out to pick up the curio cabinet he purchased at the neighbors sale. Around three o'clock I was finally ready to leave but I thought I should check the libraries closing time because of the late hour.

The library was closed! Apparently the days and times of operation at the branch nearest my home have changed recently. My local branch is no longer open on Saturday or Sunday! Now pardon me but what the heck kind of crap is that? You want children to be excited about reading and you want them to visit the library but your only going to be open on days they have school? Does this make any sense? My kids leave for school at 7:50 am and they get home at roughly 4:00 pm add homework, dinner and baths and that doesn't exactly give us a lot of room for extra curricular activities.

Complaining aside, I am disappointed I didn't get the opportunity to visit the library today. I am unable to offer a review of any of the books I had on my must check-out list but I was able to get quite a bit done in the office today. So although the discussion for this evening won't be on the topic I thought it would be about, that doesn't mean that I'm not moving forward in this venture.

Today's lesson create a workspace.

My husband and I converted a bedroom into an office for our Finish Carpentry business. The room had all the usual equipment needed for a home office, his desk, my desk, chairs, computers, printers, filing cabinets, book shelves, phones, etc.. However it also had a whole bunch of items that should never be put in a room that is used for work, like a TV, VCR, DVD Player, PlayStation, remote control helicopters, exercise equipment, tons of computer parts for my husbands computer repair hobby and of course fishing books and magazines.

As you can imagine the room was very cluttered. So cluttered that I could not work at my desk, not because I couldn't get to it but because the overwhelming disarray grates on every nerve of my border line OCD and makes it impossible for me to concentrate. If I was forced to spend any length of time in the office I usually would try to rearrange it and eventually became so anxious I had to leave and never got anything done.

My husband bought me a small student desk and put it in our bedroom so I could work on a laptop away from the mess. That had worked fairly well up until today. When I found my truck was gone this morning I decided to move ahead in the coursework and attack the office. After shoving all the piles out of the way the first thing out of the room was the entertainment center. The kids are very thankful for this as they now have a multitude of electronics in their room that they have never had before and I owe a debt of gratitude to the creator of Moving Men because that entertainment center was HEAVY!

With the additional removal of the exercise equipment I created a nice space in which I could begin to get organized. I worked on it all day and I can proudly say the "Office" is finally starting to resemble what a place of business is expected to look like. There are still a lot of things that don't belong in this room but items like remote control helicopters are expensive and fragile so I can't do anything with them until my husband can find them a proper home.

When the room is all finished, I'll post a picture to display the new layout. I'm really excited about this accomplishment, the office has never looked so good.


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