Tuesday, January 31, 2012

DWP - Prompt : Questions and Answers

Today was a really tough one for me. Lots of things going on, things that impact my life, things that I can't control. I never do well with that. I am one of those "scheduled" people. Who writes in a calendar where they are suppose to be, when they are suppose to get there and who they are suppose to be with. So when three unexpected things come up and FUBAR my whole day, it makes me physically ill. Call it undiagnosed OCD or severe anxiety, hell call it whatever you want but I've got it and today I've got it real bad.

Why the hell is it that they call it OCD anyway? Wouldn't it have been just as easy to name it Compulsive Disorder Obsessive at least the letters would be in the right order.

I wasn't in a very creative mood this evening, couldn't be with what I did. So all I have for you is a bit of dialog. I used the piece to work on ways to transition from one person speaking to another without saying "he said" "she said" obviously you have to use those words together in a bit of dialog but there are creative ways to go about not saying it or to add more description or action to the sentence so it's not just "she said" cause lets face it, that's bloody well boring to read.....

“Hey kids, whatcha doing?” Katherine said as she put the peach buckets on the counter.

Heidi rolled the dice. “Six.” She said aloud to no one in particular. Then began moving her token and replied “We’re playing Trivia Pursuit Junior and I just got Purple! Whoohoo! I’m gonna win.”

“ Heidi! Stop gloating. Have you and your brother finished your homework already?”

Jack groaned.

“I take it that means you haven’t even started. One more question then get to the table.”

“Okay mom.” Jack said with a huge sigh.

Marc came in from the garden through the utility room door, removed his rubber boots and began washing his hands in the slop sink.

Jack read the question aloud “Which company coined the following slogan; you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers?”

Marc yelled over the rushing faucet “Radio Shack.”

“Dad!” The kids screamed in unison.

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