Saturday, January 21, 2012

DWP - Prompt : The Band

Today the family went to Silver Springs for my daughters 11th Birthday. The twins had a really good time looking at all the exhibits, watching the animals and riding the carousel. But if you asked them what they liked the best they would say the petting zoo, jeep safari and glass bottom boats, as those were the big hits of the day.

The park is about two hours away from our house, so it's 11:30 pm and I'm just sitting down to write. I'm exhausted from walking and the drive but i'm determined to write something everyday, so here I am banging away at the keys.

I'm also very thankful, today's prompt is a four line prose about The Band. I read the responses from everyone else, which was easy because for one they are really short and two for the second day in a row I'm getting a really late start.  Many of the other authors wrote about musical bands so I decided to switch it up and try and think of a different kind of band.

This is what I came up with:

"The wedding ring symbolizes unity because it is an unbroken circle without beginning or end. Today Abigail and Edward will exchange rings as they vow to join their lives together and love one another unconditionally. May I have the rings?"

Edward turns to Hugh his best man, and holds out his hand.

"Oh, yeah, sorry mate." Hugh says as he quickly rifles through the pockets of his suit and comes up empty.

Edward pales almost instantly and angrily blirts out "Bloody Hell! Hugh you daft git! Don't tell me you forgot the band!"

(Image Artist - Unknown)

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  1. brilliant twist on the prompt, love it!