Thursday, January 12, 2012

DWP - Prompt: The Loner

He slid his old mercury sable into a space, put the car in park and turned off the engine.  A quick scan of the nearly empty lot told him that he would encounter few people today.  He took the keys from the ignition, dropped them on floorboard and opened the door.

A salty breeze brushed against his face.  He paused for a moment, closed his eyes, breathed in and smiled in satisfaction.  Then he shuffled his way past the other cars and down the partially covered concrete path that guided visitors toward the beach.

As he broke though the cover of the trees and reached the coast he could feel the warmth of the setting sun. He reveled in it’s radiance as he walked the shore line. Shoes in hand he felt the cool spray of the ocean in the wind as the foamy shell riddled waves lapped at his feet and ankles. 

Occasionally he stopped to pick-up an eye catching scallop shell and placed it into his pocket.  Time passed and it wasn’t long before he reached the saw grass that marked the entrance to the undisturbed northern peninsula.  He stopped to watch the hermit crabs dance around on the wet sand but when his shadow crossed over them, they scurried down into the safety of their holes, so he turned away and walked on.

He continued walking until the water would let him go no further.  Then he stood silently watching the waves roll up on the shore as the sun sank beneath the horizon until there was nothing left but the beautiful backdrop of the pink and blue sky.  One by one he flung the treasures he had collected back into the water. As he did he allowed himself the luxury of a single tear and broke his silence.

                                                “Wait for me. We will be together soon”

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