Friday, January 27, 2012

DWP - Prompt : The List

The List prompt is interesting and also very challenging. Here is how it works. Pick any two off of the LIST and include them in your writing. These are the objects we were offered today.

- a fishing rod
- a basket filled with balls of multicolored yarn
- paint
- a red Chevy pickup truck, covered in fresh snow

This is my response.
It's a little unconventional, I know.

Dear Auntie Persephone,

How are ya? I am doing alright.

We got to the cottage on Wednesday bout lunchtime. The place looks just like it did in those pictures ya showed me but the ole picket fence needs to be mended and could use a fresh coat of paint.

There is a kid up here bout my age, maybe a little older, staying at the Moose Head Lodge just down the hill. Her name is Ophelia. She's here on vacation with her grandmother but she ain't been havin' much fun. All her ole gran will do is sit in one of them huge rockers on the lodges front deck. She just sits there all day with her little basket of yarn crocheting the most god awful toboggans.

It's really cold out on the lake, not at all like back home. Everyone here dresses in layers of clothes so thick that they look like stay-puffed marshmallow men.

It snowed last night so we had to dig out dad's old Chevy pickup this morning. Then after breakfast he went off to Ed's Bait and Tackle to get himself a new fishing pole. He fell asleep in the boat again and a big fish came along and made off with his old one.

Well Auntie, Ophelia will be along soon. Were gonna go explorin' before poppa gets back then were all headed down to the lake.

Wish you were here,


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