Sunday, January 29, 2012

DWP - Prompt : The Grey Area

I could not think of anything interesting to write about for this prompt so I wrote a bit of dialog. Without fail stories involving typical teenagers will contain a bit of detail about school, teachers, classroom or assignments. Since I want to write books for children, it seemed a perfect time to work on writing a classroom scene that appeared to be authentic.


“Good Morning class.” Mrs. Game said as she entered room 305. “Welcome to Ethics 101. Please take out your books and turn to page fifteen, Animal Experimentation.”

A moan came from somewhere in the back of the room. Mrs. Game flashed a knowing smile before asking “Who can tell me what Ethics is?”

The hand of a pinch-faced brunette shot up immediately and without waiting to be called upon she started to speak. “Ethics is the study of morals that regulate a person’s behavior.”

Mrs. Game nodded. “Yes. Very good. In this class you will learn that each of us is guided by a different set of morals. These morals are specific to our culture and upbringing. Participation in classroom discussions will be rewarded. However differences of opinion may spark some debate among your classmates so please be respectful of other beliefs and conduct yourselves appropriately.” Mrs. Game quickly scanned the room, then turned on her heel and flipped her book to page fifteen.

“Alright then, Section one. Is it morally acceptable to experiment on non-human animals to develop products and medicines that benefit human beings? This topic has been a grey area for lawmakers. Differences of opinion have enraged animal activists and hindered drug testing by pharmaceutical companies. We are going to split into two groups. Everyone for experimentation go to the left side of the room. Everyone against it go to the right. You have thirty minutes to prepare your case. Your arguments will be heard before the end of class today.”

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