Thursday, January 19, 2012

DWP - Prompt : The Blackout (Part One)

On a small outcropping of rock the three stood looking down at the fires below.

Darien, the smallest among them spoke first.  “By count there appears to be twelve, brother.  Give or take a few. That’s thirty humans if they have a full camp.”  

Kaelan sighed, “Do you see no way around them?” 

Darien scanned the encampment's surroundings once more before replying, “Nay brother, the rivers waters run too swift to carry us along unharmed.  Changing course would put us behind; we must be in Darslan by the next full moon.”

Seeing no other option the two turned to look at the third.  Kaelan raised an eyebrow. “Any help you can offer mage?” he spat in disgust. 

Oliana pulled back the hood of her cloak. Her pale face and dark hair were instantly illuminated by her piercing green eyes. The side of her mouth twitched a mocking smile before she answered.  “Poison?” she mused, “How about a fire? Anyone for roasted human?” she said cocking her head to the side questioningly before giggling to herself.

“Oliana!” Kaelan barked, “Enough! Should we fail in our quest death be upon your head as well. Black out the moon and provide us cover so we may pass the humans without incident, then join us ahead.”

Her confidence shaken by the boldness of Kaelan’s words, Oliana began the task at hand. Chanting in soft whispers she caused a dark mist to come forth and cover the moon in inky blackness.  

The Cu Sith padded quietly down the shale embankment into the lush grass of the plain below. Their green coats hidden in the gloom of the now moonless night.  Moving swiftly they traced the outskirts of the circle of tents casting huge shadows away from the firelight.

Oliana roared with maniacal laughter as she caused the mist to fade leaving the enormous hounds exposed. Men leapt from their tents at the sound, weapons in hand, they stood at the ready. As three terrifying barks reverberated through the air, Oliana disappeared.

The fight was on, the men hadn’t a chance, the harbingers of death were upon them.

(Image Artist - Unknown.)


  1. That's an amazing comment and i'm really flattered. I wrote this TODAY for the enjoyment of my fellow writers at DWP (like you). I'm sorry to say that's all I have so far.