Monday, January 30, 2012

DWP - Prompt : Roof Tops ? Yeah Not So Much......

“The Cu Sith are coming!” Lysandra exclaimed.

Seth, the Lord of Darslan went pale and the once silent hall erupted with angry protests from the courtiers within. “The Cu Sith, hhhhere?” he stammered, but quickly recovered. “Guards! Ready your ...”

Lysandra cut him off in an instant. “My Lord, there is more. The Cu Sith are traveling with Oliana the Mage.”

Numerous gasps escaped the mouths of the unsuspecting crowd. A woman at one of the tables to the right of Seth screamed and then promptly fainted.

Annunciating each word as though it gave him great pains Seth bellowed “Oliana coming here!” He pounded his fist upon the table. “With the Cu Sith no less.”

Though somewhat amused by his tantrum, Lysandra continued on without hesitation. “The alliance between them would certainly be unstable given their history. Yet, there must be a justifiable reason why they would enter into such an agreement. The cause must be one they both deem important enough to put aside their differences. If that is the case and you threaten Oliana’s existence Kaelan and Darien will cut your men down.”

“Kaelan and Darien! Kaelan and Darien!” Seth laughed, as though the whole conversation had been a joke at his expense. “The Alpha would never leave his pack behind without his brothers guidance, you must be mistaken Lysandra.”

Lysandra’s voice became intense. “The High Priest, Orion La Geor, sought me out in Dumbarton and insisted I meet with him. He commanded me to arrive in Darslan before the next full moon, to inform you of their arrival.”

Seth stared at her unblinking, his mind racing with a wide range of defensive strategies. At last he shouted “Lower the gates, Scouts to the rooftops, Archers at the ready.”

But it was already too late, Kaelan, the largest of the two hounds swiftly shot through the hall’s arched entrance. With astounding agility he leapt deftly between the guards and jumped from table to table spilling platters of food and steins of ale onto the hall’s unfortunate attendants. With Darien not more than a few strides behind, Kaelan sprang up onto the Dias. He immediately launched himself at Seth knocking him backward and causing him to sprawl across the floor. Kaelan then stood, paw pressed firmly into Seth’s chest, mouth menacing and dripping saliva “Hold still foolish human.” he whispered so only Seth could hear.

The shocked crowd was stunned into silence. Then maniacal laughter suddenly filled the air, the crowd turned in the direction of the din, to see Oliana floating low to the floor on a cloud of mist. She tilted her head quizzically and looked toward the disgraced Seth. “Naughty, Naughty pet, didn’t your mum ever teach you not to play with your food?”

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