Monday, January 16, 2012

DWP - Prompt : Introductions

Celine slung her backpack over her shoulder, made her way down the isle and jumped from the bus.
She landed firmly, planting her two feet in the sugary sand of the easement and took off running for the house.  In the field grandpa was removing a roll of hay from the back of his old pickup for Natasha, their Frisian mare and her newborn colt.  He waved as she ran past, but focused as she was, she never saw him.  Celine’s grandmother was picking beans in the small garden near the house and turned at the sound of her approach.   “They ere yet?” Celine shouted excitedly.  Grandma smiled and in quiet reply said, “Yes dear. Arrived bout an hour ago.”  That was all Celine needed to hear; she bolted from the garden, rounded the house, and then quietly entered the barn. 

Slowly, she made her way to Holly’s stall. She opened the gate and knelt down on the straw covered ground.  “Hey there, Holly girl.” she said to the sow, “Want me ta scratch behind ya ear?”  The pig snorted, rose and came over. When she did she left behind eight little pink squealing piglets. Celine was delighted and after giving Holly a good scratch and a pat. She walked over to the newborn pigs.  “Come ere little one.” She said to the smallest of the bunch.  When she picked him up, he stared at her with his deep blue eyes and gave a little sound of contentment.  “Were gonna be good friends u and I, nana and papaw promised I could keep ya.” The pig gave a soft grunt as if to acknowledge her words then tucked his head against her chest, closed his eyes and went to sleep.

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