Tuesday, January 17, 2012

DWP - Prompt : For Hire

General Law Enforcement, Air Patrol, Judge, Jury, and Executioner.

Expert Flyer

Gifted Fire Starter

Proficient in Crowd Control

Highly Skilled in Demolition and Recovery

Excellent Security Tactics

Decimator of Armies

Healthy Appetite

Seeking a minimum of 20 sheep or equivalent livestock, per week.

*Additional Fees apply for the devouring of Orcs and Trolls, due to their lack of personal hygiene.

For further details and contract stipulations contact
I.B. Thorough at ruleyourtown@once.com

I just felt like writing something silly today. It seems that my fellow writers over at Daily Writing Practice have an affinity toward sheep, so I worked them into todays prompt. If you haven't checked out the blog Daily Writing Practice, you should. Marc, the author, hasn't missed posting a prompt for 1317 days in a row. That's three years and still going; so you can depend on him to be there for you everyday with a prompt and a comment on your last posting.  The other writers are also very talented so make sure you hit the comments and view what they have posted as well.  In my experience there is always at least 8 other posters for each prompt and they all have a different way of approaching the days assignment.

(Image Artist - Krystin)

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