Friday, April 20, 2012

3 Day Challenge - DWP From April 18, 19 and 20

The prompts for Wednesday 4/18, Thursday 4/19 and Friday 4/20 are part of a three day challenge.

Each night we will get a  prompt and have to write a portion of the story. No one knows what the next prompt will be or how the story will turn out. I will be listing mine here and for the next THREE DAYS I will edit this  post to include the new section of the story.


Faith Hope walked the litter strewn sidewalk of a New York City street. Stopping on the busy corner of an intersection she placed a wooden box upon the ground and climbed aboard. Raising a bible high above her head she began to shout out to the cities inhabitants as they passed by "repent the end is near!" She pleaded, begged, and demanded for the morning commuters to understand and take action. "Get right with God while there is still time." No one seemed to notice, they just walked by as if she was invisible. An hour later Faith's voice was hoarse. Feeling as though she had accomplished nothing she lowered her arm and slid down off the box. Taking the box up in her hands Faith Hope continued alone down the litter strewn sidewalk of the same New York City street.


Shuffling down an alley Faith finally reached her new makeshift home. She crawled into the discarded cardboard box and read the words scribbled over and over on the walls: Michael, John, Jesus Revelations, Seven Angels of Destruction.

She sighed. Inside her heart she held love for her fellow man and wished nothing more than to save them from their fate, but inside her head she knew the path was a difficult one. A path very few would follow. They would have to choose, she’d already made her decision years ago.

But today she had spoken to the masses and made her presence known. Soon they would come looking for her and together they would journey back to Mount Zion. She would be bathed by its bright light and walk the cool marble floors in bare feet running her hands along beautiful white stone walls. Smiling at the thought of her future, she sat and waited for the inevitable.

FRIDAY 4/20/12: DWP PROMPT: MASTERMIND – Added restriction: only 4 lines of prose

For two days Faith performed the same routine, but on the third evening three men followed her into the alley.

“We’ve been looking for you, Delilah, Interesting name. Faith Hope?”

Delilah stood frozen in place. “Jesus always said the world needed a little more faith and hope.” She turned on her heel clapping and laughing as she looked over the three men in their sterile white lab coats. “Oh John, Michael, Jesus, you’ve come for me after all! Did father send you?”

John took hold of Delilah’s arm, with Michael walking ahead and Jesus on her side. The four walked purposefully to a waiting black sedan. They entered and the car sped away. Passing under a large wrought iron arch Delilah looked up to read the words “Mount Zion Institution” and grinned.

Continuing up the drive the car stopped at the entrance to a huge stone building. Upon entering, they walked down a hall lit by a multitude of blaring florescent bulbs. Delilah was placed in a Plexiglas room where she was forced to sit opposite a well dressed old man who coughed and choked as he puffed on his Cuban cigar.

  “Father.” she spat. “Your product kills people!

She grabbed him by the shirt and the truth was revealed. His breathing was shallow. He looked more ragged then the last time she’d seen him. He was nothing more than a shell of his former self.

She sneered, “It’s killing you too old man; your days are numbered. Repent and get right with God while there is still time.”

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