Monday, April 2, 2012

DWP - Prompt : Town Elders (Prose) (From 3/30/12)

“The boy may enter now, Hanzel”

The man standing at the doorway bows to the members of the tribal counsel and lifts the flap of the tent. Without looking back he exits and begins to address a young man standing outside the tent.

“Ranku, the counsel requests your presence.” Without another word Hanzel leads Ranku back into the tent.

The eldest member of the counsel stands. “Ranku of Tabreth, today is the eve of your sixteenth birthday. Today we will see which quest shall mark your transition to manhood. Walk to the sacred chalice and draw from it a single stone.”

Ranku does as he is told. He places his hand into the chalice and pulls from it a small blue stone with the number three engraved upon it. He holds it out to the counsel elder.

“Three has been chosen. It is the quest of the oceans .You shall retrieve a black pearl.”

Immediately Ranku curses his luck, a tear falls from his eye and he is left wishing he would have learned to swim.

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