Wednesday, April 18, 2012

No Room For Error - DWP From 4/15/12

Vincent took hold of the alligator’s tail and gave it a quick shake back and forth before yanking the animal closer and grabbing hold of its thick neck.

"All alligators are extremely dangerous. But the average adult alligator has a bite pressure of 3000 PSI." Vincent said to the crowd.

Vincent laid the small gator across the table. "Now how many of you have heard you can put an alligator to sleep by turning it over and rubbing its belly?"

A few members of the audience raised their hands. "We'll I'm going to try and demonstrate that phenomenon for you today."

Vincent carefully clamped the alligators mouth closed with his hands and turned the gator over.

"As you can see the gator is out cold." Vincent grabbed hold of the alligator’s foot and lifted it off the table. He let go and the foot fell back to its original position.

"However watch closely as I flip him back over. He will immediately wake up in an even grumpier mood then before."

Vincent turned the alligator back over and was maneuvering his hands around the mouth of the alligator as it woke.

"As you can see there is no margin for error. One mistake and" Thawp! Thwap! The alligator’s tail lashed out repeatedly hitting Vincent hard across the back.

“Ugh!” Vincent gave the crowd a false smile and said, “Anyone want some gator tail?”

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