Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Space Station - DWP From 4/2/12

The chamber door slid open and Botanist Sasha Reese stepped into the room.

Sensing her presence the grow lights used to illuminate the lab came to life one after the other in rapid succession.

“Good morning Doctor Reese.”

“And a very good morning to you, L.I.L.Y.. Please begin voice recording.”

“Right away, Dr. Reese.”

Sasha walked to the first of the raised beds.

“Everbearing Strawberries, minimal fruit present. The fruit remains hard and green.”

“Ever bearing my arse.” Sasha exclaimed under her breath.

“Excuse me Dr. Reese? But what do strawberries have to do with your… your arse?”

“Never mind that L.I.L.Y”

Sasha moved on to the second bed.

“Concord Grapes. Lots of new growth. Five months and still no fruit present.”

Sasha sighed “To hell with these grapes. I’ll try a different species.”

The door to the chamber slid open again and botanist Dr. Richard Campbell stepped into the room.

“Good morning Dr. Campbell.”

“Good morning L.I.L.L.Y. How are things going this morning?”

“I’m sorry to report Dr. Campbell that Dr. Reese had decided to send the grapes to hell because her arse is everbearing.”

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