Friday, April 27, 2012

The Program - DWP From 4-26-12

“Cleo, Ashley, Is it time?” Darcie called from the kitchen.

“Almost!  Looks like you’ve got about three minutes.  Throw the pizza in the oven and come sit down! “ 

With a slam of the oven door Darcie races into the patio and sits behind the camera. 

“Ready Ash? In Three, Two, One.” 

Cleo points her finger at Ashley, indicating to her two companions that they are live and on the air.

“Good Morning! I’m Ashley Stewart and thanks for watching Trash to Treasure. Today we will be making a vertical garden using repurposed pallets.”   

Ashley steps to the left and the supplies for the day’s activity come into view.

“As you can see here on these saw horses, I have an old sod pallet.”

 Slapping her hand upon the pallet Ashley smiles and looks back into the camera.

“To ready the pallet for planting I’m going to have Cleo assist in stretching some garden cloth across this side of the pallet and then she’s going to staple it in place using this staple gun.” 

Ashley raises the staple gun and smiles again as Cleo walks on scene carrying a bolt of landscape fabric.

 The camera zooms in for a closer look at the pallet.

“Remember to cover both the top and bottom of the pallet with the landscape cloth to prevent any dirt from escaping.  Once the garden cloth is firmly in place you may wish to cover it with a second layer. This will strengthen the unboarded areas of the pallet and compensate for the weight of the soil.”

While Ashley is speaking she points to the top of the pallet while Cleo follows the instructions that her fingers give embedding staple after staple into the wood.

“Be sure to staple every four to five inches to prevent your soil from seeping out of unsecured sections during watering.  You’ll also want to staple along each board to prevent the soil from running down the back of the pallet and clumping near the bottom.”

Cleo continues stapling the landscape cloth to the pallet as Ashley addresses the audience.  “Cleo and I are going to finish up here, Thanks’ for watching the first segment of “Trash to Treasure” We will return after these messages from Prana Farms.”

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