Friday, April 13, 2012

Drawing A Blank - DWP From 4/12/12

The time for inspiration had passed. I sat thoroughly annoyed by the sight of the deadline written in red upon the calendar.  I love to write and I’ve always had stories to tell but when pushed none come to mind.   I turned back to face the computer.  The blinding white page of an empty word document stared back at me. 

“It’s just a simple children’s story.” I chastised myself. “You can do this! You’ve done it for years, don’t choke now!”  I perused the list of possible of plots in my mental catalog.   

“A young child is afraid of the dark?”

“No, it’s over done.”

“How about please go to sleep? “

“That has got to be one of the most over used plots in human history!”

“Okay I’ve got it, a monster under the bed?”

 “Ugh!  Woman quit kidding yourself; most kids think there is a monster under their bed at one time or another.” 

“Think! Think!”

“How about a kid saves the day story?”

 “Ahhhhhhhhhh!  Could you at least attempt to be original?”

 “Forget it! I give up! I think it’s time for lunch!”

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