Friday, April 6, 2012

Random CD - ( First Line - Mudvayne's World So Cold) DWP From 4/5/12

When passions lost

And all the trust is gone

The children pay the cost

Becoming more withdrawn

Retreating from reality

In an attempt to ignore

All the acts of brutality

They can’t escape anymore

The despondent grow weak

As they lock their hopes away

Our outlook turns bleak

And we watch the world decay

You simply must believe my dear

Faith is what you need to show

Then the hidden pathways clear

And all at once you will know

All is not as it might seem

So pray in earnest for the dawn

The one who reigns supreme

Promised to help you carry on

Listen for the angel’s voice

Ring out above the fray

Let us all rejoice because

Christ has shown the way

Happy Easter


To all those of other faiths,

Have a great weekend.

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