Thursday, April 26, 2012

Harmony - DWP From 4/25/12

A writing exercise - 197 words in five minutes and practically no punctuation. If you try it don't edit your words, just write and fast! Save editing for later!


Todays writing prompt at DWP is harmony I have not really been able to come up with very much Using harmony as a name was already done so that was out Harmony  has also been done as a poem I tried a scene but that didn't turn out well I tried clustering and word association Neither of them were fruitful.   Now that I am trying to come up with another idea I can not think of anything so I decided to try another method of combating writers block instead.  I went searching on the internet for ideas when I stumbled upon Dr. Wickeds write or die web app. It was here that I came up with an idea. I set the timer for 500 words in five minutes and sighed and pressed write.   So here I am writing about harmony or not writing about harmony at all in the weirdest form imaginable. Stopping and stumbling is no good the kamikaze mode erases the words i ve already typed I have to be fast and get them all on paper. My time is almost up.   Harmony in 3,2, 1, done! 

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