Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Swarm - DWP From 4/11/12

The torrential downpour was over at last!  Its end finalized by the melody produced in part by the croaking of a small group of frogs.  Kyle sat in his cabin listening to the rain steadily drip from the roof. Then something much larger banged hard on the metal flashing. It was followed by another heavy thud, and another, and another.

“What the hell was that?” Julie said as she raced to the window.

“It’s nothing to worry about. The rain probably just knocked some pine cones loose,” Kyle replied, “They’re pretty big up here in the mountains.”

Julie spun around “Uh, Kyle, it’s not pinecones; you better come take a look at this!”

Kyle ambled over to Julie and scanned the grounds surrounding the cabin. He watched as huge ugly toads fell from the sky.   

Julie looked crossly at Kyle, “That ain’t normal!”

“Nope!” he said, “Not a bit.” A smile started to creep across his face but disappeared as he caught sight of a black dot floating in mid air. He pointed,”Julie, what do you think that is?”

Julie pressed her face against the glass. “How should I know?” came the agitated reply, “You’re the Ranger.”

The couple watched in awe as the ominous black mass grew in size coming closer and closer. Suddenly a large yellow object slammed hard into the glass, just inches from Julies face.  She screamed and skittered away from the window falling backward over a small metal heater.

Kyle looked from the window to Julie and from Julie to the window. “Locusts?” he said bewildered.

His face contorted at the sudden realization, “What have we done?”

The locusts were upon them now, their bodies blocking out the light and covering the cabin in inky darkness.

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