Monday, April 2, 2012

Fourth - DWP From 4/1/12

The sun was setting as Sam pulled his truck into the easement of the narrow dirt road known as Meadow Street. He turned off the ignition, placed the keys under the visor and opened the door. Happily he skipped his way to the other side of the shiny vehicle and opened the passenger side.

“May I Miss Blankenship?”

“Why of course, Mr. Adare. I’d be delighted.”

Sam helped his companion from the vehicle and together they carefully walked down the embankment. Heading toward a blanket that lay stretched across the grass of the open field. A brown wicker picnic basket was set off to the side. Miss Blankenship smiled at the sight. Sam was ecstatic, he’d spent days looking for just the right place to finally win the heart of Karen Blankenship. He’d even spent the hour before, at this very same spot spraying can after can of mosquito repellant. Just to make sure that their time together wouldn’t be spoiled by the evening bugs that resided near the water’s edge.

As they took their places on the blanket, Sam tried his best to be a proper host.

“May I interest you in a chicken salad sandwich and some sweet tea? Perhaps you’d like a bit of chocolate cake?”

Karen accepted a glass of tea and half a sandwich and the two sat quietly eating while nervously taking turns smiling at one another. Fifteen minutes later Sam’s careful planning paid off. Just as they were finishing their shared meal vibrant colored fireworks of red, blue, green and gold began shooting overhead. Karen’s eyes sparkled; she had thought Sam had brought her here with the intention of spending time with her alone and skipping the Independence Day fireworks. The sight of them now high over head, coupled with their beautiful images reflected off the lake set the stage for an enchanted evening.

Karen smiled and took hold of his hand. Sam’s smile grew and he turned to her and whispered.

“Happy Fourth of July, Miss Blankenship.”

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