Tuesday, March 20, 2012

DWP - Prompt : Controls

Chloe woke. The sterile room was freezing. She rolled rather lethargically to one side of her metal framed cot and sat up yawning and stretching her tired aching body.  She searched the cold floor with her bare feet trying to locate the fuzzy bunny slippers she had left there the previous night. Then finally, she stood, wrapped a thin white blanket around her shoulders and shuffled bleary eyed across the floor. 

She reached the panels biometric controls and clumsily slapped her hand upon it. “Colonel Chloe Rayne” she said still held in the fog of sleep.   The panel door slid away revealing a monitor and a set of gages and knobs. She blinked multiple times trying to clear her vision before being able to read the temperature on the thermometer as a chilling forty eight degrees. 

The Bio domes life support systems were set to keep a constant temperature of seventy five degrees ensuring that the crew would be comfortable and the computerized components would remain fully functional.  A twenty seven degree drop in temperature was unsatisfactory, and put the lives of her crew in danger. Her morning mission was to correct the problem and then to locate the parties responsible.

Chloe’s head had lay in her bunk little more than three hours and the lack of sleep was starting to take a toll on her usual friendly but stern demeanor.   She was still dressed in her snow camo. She only had to exchange her slippers for boots before forcefully placing her hand back upon the biometric control panel and barking her name into the microphone. As if in fear the door slid open fast, and Colonel Rayne stepped out into the hallway, turned left and marched swiftly down the corridor toward central command.  

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