Saturday, March 3, 2012

DWP - Prompt : Credit (Prose? .. No more like an Editorial.)

Have you have ever attended the book signing of a newly published author of fiction?  You may have noticed that the writer really savors the moment.  They relish the notoriety, give thanks, and really seem to appreciate their fans, dolling out autograph after autograph with a smile plastered across their glowing face.
Once published some of these writers have a change in attitude, especially toward their fans. Not long ago they would have posted a character portrayal received from a fan on their refrigerator or taped into a scrap book.  They would have been ecstatic that someone out in the world loved their work as much as they did.  But now the superior author takes an opposition to fan fiction, threatening high dollar lawsuits and forcing websites to close.
I personally do not understand the change of heart. Fan fiction is just that, a work written or drawn by a fan, their fan.  Though they may change an aspect of a character the original author envisioned, the story is unique and separate from the original work.
Therefore certain rights should be attributed to the fan for his writing as long as the original author is given proper credit.   Based on a novel by in large font across the bottom of their copy, seems more than sufficient.  Why quell the aspirations of young writers, published authors are their inspiration and as such they have a responsibility.

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