Sunday, March 25, 2012

DWP - Prompt : The Departed

She addressed the first soldier of significant rank that she laid her eyes upon.

“Lieutenant Storm” Colonel Rayne barked angrily “who is in charge here?”

Lieutenant Storm stood stone still, too surprised by her entrance and disheveled state to manage a reply.

A none to helpful junior recruit from the commissary mumbled under his breath to his companion. “She’s the Colonel; you’d think she’d know who was in charge.” When he saw her expression go from bad to worse he knew his feeble attempted at humor had been overheard.

Chloe rounded upon the recruit, all the more enraged by his insubordinate commentary. Seeing the youth in eminent peril brought Lieutenant Storm back to his senses. “Colonel, Major Knight is the commanding officer on duty.” Chloe glared at the recruit for just a moment longer before turning to give the lieutenant her full attention. “Records show he was not relieved of duty, yet he left his post at five thirty eight this morning.”

The nameless recruit was not without his wits that morning. Seeing that the Colonel was otherwise engaged he used the opportunity to make what he hoped would be an unnoticed departure. It wasn’t. Without missing a beat Chloe grabbed an apple from a discarded tray and pitched it into the air. Her bowie followed only a second behind, pierced the apple and stuck fast just above the recruits head. The young man fainted and was hastily drug from the room by his quaking companion. Chloe smirked at the sight and turned back to a now less confident Lieutenant Storm.

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