Monday, March 19, 2012

DWP - Prompt : Karma (First Line) My Name Was (From 3/15/12)

My name was Wilhelmina Murray.Once I resided with my best friend Lucy in the small seaside town of Whitby, England where I held a position as a school teacher. Back then I was sheltered by my family and my would-be husband. Like most of the respectable women of my time I would have been considered shy, quiet and naive to the ways of the world. I lived a modest life style and was making preparations to become Mrs. Jonathan Harker when my fiance was sent to Budapest on business.
It was then that I captured the attention of another man and life as I knew it, changed forever.

Now I am a woman of the night. A volatile eccentric who does as she sees fit. No longer am I meek and compliant. I answer to no man. Since my transformation I see the world very differently. Gone are the days when I looked at it with the innocent eyes of a child. But there was a price to pay for my freedom and I paid it unwillingly. Immortality brought with it strength and power. An untamed energy rests within, giving me the desire. But I have maintained a sense of propriety and decorum
challenges my conscious only allowing me to pray upon the depraved.

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