Monday, March 19, 2012

DWP - Prompt : Used (Prose) (From 3/10/12)

Paisley, your garden is so bountiful, I’m so jealous. The contrasting colors of the vegetables and aromas of the herbs have created a garden worthy of a magazine. But what did you use to get all these plants to grow in such straight lines?

Oh, Petunia that’s my little secret. Besides you’d never believe me if I told you.

You have to tell me; back in Miami we have torrential downpours. They cause the seeds to wash out to one side of the raised beds. Two weeks later after the seeds have started to sprout; I have to thin out the seedlings that are too close together. Then I barely have anything left.

Alright but you’re not allowed to laugh, okay? I started watching YouTube videos on urban gardening and found this one series I really like called “Garden Girl.” Patty, the host gives out awesome tips and tricks on how to garden in small spaces. Well in one of her videos she gives instructions on how to make seed tape. I’d never heard of it before but it’s really easy. All the stuff I used to make it can be found in virtually any home. First you make a paste out of water and flour. Put that aside and cut a length of toilet paper the size of your garden bed. Then cut it in half length ways. Check your package of seed to see how far apart the seeds need to be spaced. Measure the distance out and then put some paste there and two seeds. Then fold the toilet paper length wise and trap the tiny seeds in the paste which is now sandwiched inside the toilet paper pocket. Then Wallah all that’s left is to let it dry and then plant it.

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