Monday, March 19, 2012

So ... What's with the 14 posts today?

It may have appeared to some that I effectively fell off the planet. Well that just isn't true. In reality what happened is a long and involved story about a husband, a change in service providers and a seemly inept technician which resulted in the crashing of an entire wireless network. 

I was able to receive The Daily Writing Practice  prompts on my cellphone but posting my responses using that tiny keyboard leads to frustration. Especially as an accidental tap to the touch screen will have you starting the whole process over again.

Therefore I saved them up and i'm posting them for you now while the internet is working. (who knows what tomorrow will bring)  My service is still sketchy as my computer needs some replacement parts due to a surge in power which also managed to take out the TV.

Please have patience and I will do my best to remain consistant.

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