Friday, March 2, 2012

DWP - Prompt : The Unfinished (Prologue - Lydian Sparks)

Nothing is more ominous than a blank page. All the warning signs were there but I chose to ignore them. It seemed innocent enough as I held it in my hands, just the beginnings of a story written in a small leather bound journal. I, like many of the Memory Keepers before me have used my time at the Magi-Scriptorium to decipher and absorb the stories of the ancients and learn the teachings they so painstakingly labored to set to paper. So it was not uncommon for me to be seen roaming the dark and dusty caverns in search of a volume penned in secrecy by an enlightened elder. What one should have found unusual was the over turned book sprawled out on the marble floor, its binding bent and cover torn. Who knew the simple act of encountering a half finished book would be the defining moment that would change my life forever?

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